Brady Lee Performs Acoustic Show Exclusively for Everything Nash: WATCH

Brady Lee is giving Everything Nash an exclusive performance of several of his songs, and what a performance it is. The rising star shared four songs in the exclusive video, including his current single, “I Can Do This All Day.”

“I was watching Captain America in quarantine, and in one of the very first scenes Steve Rogers is outside getting absolutely beat up,” Brady told Everything Nash of the inspiration behind the new song. “But he stands up one more time, puts his fists up and says, ‘I can do this all day.’ I thought about the current condition of our communities and nations, and how we’ve all been placed on lockdown and quarantine.

“Honestly, the response I’ve seen from communities is one of resiliency,” he continued. “I’m inspired by humanity’s resilience; we went through social distance, quarantine, reopening, phase regression, all of it, and we’re still swinging. First responders stood up, teachers put their boxing gloves on, social justice workers raised their voices, small business owners got creative, we saw it all.”

Brady is working on more new music, which he is eager to share with his growing fan base.

“I definitely have more songs to release, and I’m excited to do so!” Brady said. “I created a new YouTube playlist where I’ll be performing some of the songs I’ve written in an intimate acoustic setting. We dropped the first video just a few weeks ago.”

The Wisconsin native wants to share more of his music next year, even though he expects that 2021 will not see the normalcy most people expect.

“I’ve come to terms with the reality that I don’t think life is going to look the same in 2021,” Brady said. “My team is getting really creative with how we’re going to handle next year, and I’m looking forward to sharing some really great things next year! I launched this project with hopes of having a knock-out live show, and so if I had to pick one thing that I’m hoping for in 2021 it would be opportunities for my full band live show.”

Find all of Brady’s music by visiting his website.