Brandon Davis Celebrates the Holidays With ‘Silverado Santa’ [LISTEN]

Brandon Davis has a fun new song to add to your holiday playlist this year. The singer-songwriter just released the humorous “Silverado Santa,” just in time for the Christmas season.

“This is like my own, modern-day version of a Christmas country folktale,” Davis explained on social media. “I was honored to write this with my buddy, Josh Byrd. It is an incredible song, with a really cool story — a great spin on an old, classic way of telling the Christmas story, and I am excited for you to hear it.”

“Silverado Santa” comes shortly after the release of “21 Guns,” released in honor of Veterans Day.

“Music is a very powerful way to just spread, whether it’s a smile, whether it’s a moment, a feeling, a message, or just a sense of connection, music can deliver so much in just three minutes time,” Davis said when the song was released. “And that’s why I love getting to do what I do for a living, because there’s so much impact that a song can have, for the right reasons.

“And that’s why we wanted this song out,” he continued. “We wanted this song to make an impact for the right reasons, to touch hearts, to be there for people that needed it. To be there for someone who might not have known that they need it.”

Davis’ 17-track Life’s Too Short album was released earlier this year, written or co-written entirely by Davis.

“I was getting kind of torn between what I wanted to choose from, because when you get all these songs together, and you start to fall in love and really wanting the world to hear them, you get kind of attached,” Davis told Everything Nash, explaining why he made the album so long. “There’s an emotional attachment to each one as you write them, as you record them. And there’s just, there’s too many to pick through and there’s still a lot that we had to cut.

“And trust me, it’s not that we’re not going to be bringing them out, but for now, this is the batch that just had the most life. They fit well together. And I felt like there were a lot of good stories to tell in this one.”

The father of four is proud of his growing music career, but his first priority is, and always will be, his children.

“I’m the sports dad. I’ve always got a guitar in somebody’s hand,” Davis maintained to Everything Nash. “We’re always around the house singing and carrying on. I’m the dad that’s [doing] Nerf gun wars or playing Batman in the middle of the day. But I’m also the dad that’s trying to turn on a movie for all of us to watch, and passing out in the middle of the movie on the couch. So I’m all over the spectrum here. I’m the jack of all, master of none.”

“Silverado Santa,” “21 Guns” and all of Davis’ music can be found at

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