Brandon Davis Honors Veterans With Powerful ’21 Guns’ [LISTEN]

Brandon Davis is honoring veterans with his new song, “21 Guns,” out now. The father of four released the song, ahead of Veterans Day, which falls this year on November 11.

“This is an incredible song,” Davis said on Facebook, when the song was officially released. “I’m just being honest — it’s blown me away, simply because of what you all have been saying. This song has a lot to say in itself, but the stories that have been shared with us, the photos that have been shared — because we’re actually in the process of putting together a music video for this song as well, and the photos that have been shared with us, just from you all — whether it’s family members, friends, yourselves — it’s been heartwarming and touching.”

Later in the video, Davis also expounded on the message of the song, after someone commented that they had recently lost a loved one to suicide.

“Music is a very powerful way to just spread, whether it’s a smile, whether it’s a moment, a feeling, a message, or just a sense of connection, music can deliver so much in just three minutes time,” Davis said. “And that’s why I love getting to do what I do for a living, because there’s so much impact that a song can have, for the right reasons.

“And that’s why we wanted this song out,” he continued. “We wanted this song to make an impact for the right reasons, to touch hearts, to be there for people that needed it. To be there for someone who might not have known that they need it.”

“21 Guns” comes only a couple of months after Davis’ 17-track  Life’s Too Short album was released. The record, written or co-written entirely by Davis, contained so much music because he wasn’t willing to part with any of the songs on the project.


“I was getting kind of torn between what I wanted to choose from, because when you get all these songs together, and you start to fall in love and really wanting the world to hear them, you get kind of attached,” Davis told Everything Nash. “There’s an emotional attachment to each one as you write them, as you record them. And there’s just, there’s too many to pick through and there’s still a lot that we had to cut.

“And trust me, it’s not that we’re not going to be bringing them out, but for now, this is the batch that just had the most life. They fit well together. And I felt like there were a lot of good stories to tell in this one.”

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