Brandon Davis Announces Massive ‘Life’s Too Short’ Album

It’s only been three months since Brandon Davis dropped his Jesus and Jesse James EP, but he already has a new album coming out, and it’s a big one. The singer-songwriter announces the release of his 17-track Life’s Too Short album, out on September 1. The news comes only a couple of weeks after Davis dropped his latest single, “Pretty,” which will be on the upcoming project.

“We have got not only ‘Pretty’ that just released, but we will be releasing a full-length 17-song album that will include ‘Pretty,’ that will include ‘Still Gonna Be,’ and we have one more new single,” Davis shares on social media, adding that his next single, “Pray Like Hell,” will be out on August 11, one day before his 30th birthday.


I’ve got a 17 song album dropping in September !!!
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Posted by Brandon Davis on Sunday, July 30, 2023



“This has been such a special project to put together, because I’ve got some of these songs — I wrote some of these two years ago,” the father of four explains. “It’s been really just finding the right time to get all of these together, and make the work complete. Once we had this lineup, and I had them all sitting side by side, there was no doubt that this was the next step. ‘Pretty’  has been an incredible thing to watch grow over the last week. You all have shown so much love for it. Same thing with ‘Still Gonna Be.'”

Life’s Too Short will be out on September 1, but Davis hints that there is still even more music he is eager for the rest of the world to hear.

“We wanna keep bringing music to y’all, keep bringing songs that you can connect with, and that you love as much as we do,” Davis says. “And I am so excited for this album. There is so much more to share.”

“Pretty,” like much of Davis’ music, was written about his wife, Destiny, and her influence on his life and career.

“The idea behind ‘Pretty’ immediately struck me and made me think of my wife, Destiny,” Davis explains. “I knew this was one that I wanted to write in a way that showed her exactly how I see her through my own eyes. Anyone that knows her knows that this song describes her to a T. From remodeling the house to cooking dinner, this woman is the epitome of lovely, tough, and all I’ve ever dreamed of.

“Yes, she is absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world to me, but she’s also the strongest, most patient, and bravest as well,” he adds. “This woman has been through more than anyone realizes, and I admire her every single day and hope this song shows her just that.”

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