Brandon Davis Drops ‘Jesus and Jesse James’ EP, Hits Top 10 on iTunes

It’s a good day to be Brandon Davis. The country singer just released his eight-song Jesus and Jesse James EP, which immediately soared to the Top 10 on the iTunes Country Albums chart as soon as it was released.

“We are No. 6 on the iTunes Country Albums chart,” Davis shares on social media, adding that he credits his fans for the record’s overwhelming initial success.

“Blessed is an understatement,” the singer boasts. “Y’all are amazing. It just proves that we have such a village of people behind us. We are so grateful for each and every one of y’all. It is worth a few less hours of sleep to know that we are sitting here and getting to carry this dream one step further.


My mind is BLOWN! 🤯
We’re number 6 on iTunes Country !
Listen here and click iTunes if ya can :

Posted by Brandon Davis on Thursday, April 27, 2023


“With this album, or EP, or whatever you want to call it — this amazing group of songs you all have shown so much love and appreciation for, climbing up the charts,” he adds. “It’s a blessing. Let’s see if we can climb all the way to No. 1. Thank you so much.”

In a separate video, Davis expresses his gratitude for having all of the Jesus and Jesse James songs out for the world to hear.

“I am so pumped to finally have all eight of these songs out on platforms,” he says. “We’ve been giving you two to chew on for the past few weeks, with “Fell For You” and “Jesus and Jesse James,” and now we’ve got six more adding to that list to make the full EP.”

The father of four, who previously released his Hearts Don’t Rust project in 2022, says Jesus and Jesse James is eight songs that celebrate the kind of country music he grew up on, and still enjoys today.

“This entire EP is filled with a stripped-back country sound that brings back memories of the kind of country I grew up listening to,” Davis tells American Songwriter. “The main theme behind this EP is just the storytelling it holds and how unique each song is. I wanted to make sure there’s something for everybody no matter what phase of life they’re in. The songs take you on a personal journey that hopefully makes you feel like it was written just for you.”

See a track list for Jesus and Jesse James below. Find the album, and all of Davis’ music, as well as a list of his upcoming shows, at

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Jesus and Jesse James Track List:

1. “Jesus and Jesse James” (Richard Brandon Davis, Clay Mills, Peter Daniel Newman)
2. “Fell For You” (Richard Brandon Davis, Brandon Sammons [BSAMZ])
3. “Afraid to Fight” (Richard Brandon Davis, Josh Bricker, Andrew Dixon)
4. “These Boots Ain’t Made for Walkin’” (Richard Brandon Davis, Kelly Lovelace, Lynn Hutton)
5. “Lightning In A Mason Jar” (Richard Brandon Davis, Rusty Page, Steven Schmitt)
6. “Whiskey Color Eyes” (Richard Brandon Davis)
7. “Damn Cowgirl” (Richard Brandon Davis, Johnny Clawson)
8. “My Heartbreak” (Richard Brandon Davis, Austin Nivarel, Joseph Ragosta)