Brandon Davis Drops ‘Silverado Santa’ EP, Announces Children’s Book

Brandon Davis has another project, out now, this one just in time for the holidays. The father of four just released his four-song EP, Silverado Santa. The record includes the title track, released earlier this month, and three other songs that help celebrate the season, including “Wrap You Up,” which was just released.

“This song is just our final little, bow on top of the present, the cherry on top of the ice cream,” Davis said in a video shared on social media, ahead of the project’s release. “It is the best way we can think to put this EP together as a full project.

“We have “One More Christmas Eve” and “Family Tree” from our two previous years of Christmas releases that are going to be included on here, and the whole EP is called Silverado Santa,” he adds. “I don’t think there’s anything more fitting … We are very thankful to have this out this year.”

It was Davis’ wife, Destiny, who first revealed that her husband was showing off his other talents, by working on a Silverado Santa children’s book as well.

“He is so close to having it done,” Destiny hints. “I have watched this man hand-draw this book for three weeks now, which is insane. That’s a hidden talent that you guys probably didn’t know he has. He’s an incredible artist. I can’t wait for you guys to see that, hopefully within the next week or so, we will have those available for sale.”

Davis also explained his reasons behind wanting to do a children’s book, which shows off his creative side in an entirely different way than his music career.

“I have really, really dug into my artistic roots,” the singer shares. “I have not sketched or drawn or done any of that in a serious standpoint in a very long time. But with this book, I have really dug deep into what I used to do ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and that was draw like crazy. I think we have about got this Silverado Santa book wrapped up, and ready to rock and roll.

“We have the storyboard there,” he continues. “Everything has been pretty well drawn out, minus maybe just a couple of panels, and some characters, and I am super excited to have this book together and ready for y’all. We’re doing all we can to try and get it out and available and ready for y’all to have before the Christmas season is upon us, which, it’s already upon us, but before we get too far into the Christmas season.”

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