Brandon Davis Honors His Wife With ‘I’ll Wait Up For You’ EP

It was Brandon Davis‘ wife, Destiny, who convinced him to give a career in music a try, and has supported him every step of the way. Now, the singer-songwriter is honoring Destiny with a four-song EP, I’ll Wait Up For You, out now.

I’ll Wait Up For You was really special to put together,” Davis says of the project. “These songs are love letters to my beautiful family. There’s two new tracks that tell mine and Destiny’s story, and fans have shown so much love to ‘Pretty’ and ‘Forever And Always’ that I wanted to give them new life. I hope you feel the love, joy and magic that went into making this EP.”

After being seriously injured in a car accident, Destiny convinced her husband to leave behind his steady paycheck, and pursue his passion of music.

“At the time I didn’t see it, and my wife kept telling me over and over again, ‘Look, I know you don’t understand right now and you won’t, but one day you will,” Davis previously told Everything Nash. “And whenever I look out from the stage and we’re playing these songs, and we’re going to these different shows in different states and meeting all these new people, I start to understand it.

“There is so much that, if I hadn’t had that one moment to really put a fork in the road and say, ‘Look, you can either keep going this way or there’s a fun new direction we can go and start this’ — if I hadn’t taken that fun new direction and really gave my life a chance to grow in a different way, then I wouldn’t be here,” he added.”

Included on I’ll Wait Up For You is Davis’ recently-released “Pretty (Daughter Version),” in honor of his daughter, Maleah.

“I just thought about everything my little girl does,” Davis said when the song was released. “Whether it’s how we do things together, things that I see her do on a daily basis. It was just a way to really show her who she is, and how special she can be, and that she is capable of anything. This song is about truly just showing her that she is so much more than she could ever dream of, and really empowering her to know that at an early age, so that she can carry it on for the rest of her life.”

See a track list for I’ll Wait Up For You below. Download or stream the project here. Find music and tour dates at

I’ll Wait Up For You Track List:

1. I’ll Wait Up For You
2. When It Comes To Loving You
3. Pretty (Daughter Version)
4. Forever and Always (Wedding Version)