Michael Ray Announces Release of New Song, ‘Hold’

A new song is coming from Michael Ray. The singer-songwriter announces the release of “Hold,” this Friday, April 19, sharing a clip of the track on social media.

“Y’all showed so much love for this song that we’ve decided to drop it THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 19!!! ” Ray reveals.

The new song comes as Ray recently had a Top 40 hit with “Spirits and Demons,” his duet with Meghan Patrick,. He also recently dropped “We Should Get A Drink Sometime” and  “Nothin’ Else,” likely from his next set of tunes, less than a year after Dive Bars & Broken Hearts was released last June.

It was the six songs on his latest project, including “Workin’ On It” and “Don’t Give A Truck,” which gave Ray a newfound confidence in the music he wants to make moving forward.

“I think it is the first album where it’s 100 percent me,” Ray told Everything Nash. “I didn’t chase anything. I wasn’t trying to do anything but really be very focused on songs that I wrote, and songs that I got sent that I loved. I knew what I wanted to say. I knew how I wanted the record to be; everything I already had in my mind. And so, because of that, I think that’s why people are gonna hear a difference sonically. They’re hearing a difference vocally. They’re hearing a difference in a lot of ways.”

The highs and lows of the last few years inspired Ray to leave Nashville for Georgia, and also to share more of his heart in his music, something he was hesitant to do until recently.

“I have never been good at showing vulnerability,” Ray admitted. “I was that way as a kid, and I brought that into my adult life. It was very easy to build walls around me and keep things at a distance. I think growing up in a broken home, which was a lot of chaos at some moments in my life, I built that without knowing it, which is why ‘Workin’ On It’ is the last song on the EP, ’cause working on it for me is when I went through all of that.

“I stood there,” he added, “and I said this as a joke, but it’s kind of true: when you’re standing there, it’s like Rocky …You realize, ‘Oh, we survived it. That wasn’t too bad. Don’t do it again. What can I do better?’”

Pre-save “Hold” here. Find all of Ray’s music and upcoming shows at MichaelRayMusic.com.