Brandon Davis Takes a ‘Big Next Step’ With ‘Life’s Too Short’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Brandon Davis‘ lengthy Life’s Too Short album is out! The 17-track record, written or co-written entirely by Davis, became a passion project for Davis, who is eager to share as much of his music as he can with his fans.

“I was getting kind of torn between what I wanted to choose from, because when you get all these songs together, and you start to fall in love and really wanting the world to hear them, you get kind of attached,” Davis tells Everything Nash. “There’s an emotional attachment to each one as you write them, as you record them. And there’s just, there’s too many to pick through and there’s still a lot that we had to cut.

“And trust me, it’s not that we’re not going to be bringing them out, but for now, this is the batch that just had the most life. They fit well together. And I felt like there were a lot of good stories to tell in this one.”

There are plenty of artists, even seasoned ones, who don’t attempt to write all of the songs on their records, at least one as lengthy as Life’s Too Short. But for Davis, it was the best way to show his fans who he really is, and the honest kind of music he wants to make.

“I’m a storyteller at heart,” the father of four says. “You can ask my kids, you can ask anyone that comes to the concerts that we play — I love to tell stories. And songs are the ultimate story in my mind. Because the way I’ve kind of wrapped it up and seen it is that I’m writing a story for somebody. This song is for someone. And I may not ever meet that person in my life, but at the end of the day, I know I wrote it for them.”

The title track, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Davis’ preferred vehicle model, is out now.

“That’s the one I’ve been really kind of teasing here and there, just to kind of get a feel,” Davis explains. “It’s gonna bring about possibly a little bit of an automotive war. Who knows? But it’s a song that, ever since we wrote it, we knew we had something special in it, just because it’s fun. It’s a happy-go-lucky tune that just says, ‘Look, here’s life. Make sure you’re living it to your fullest.”

It was Davis’ wife, Destiny, who encouraged him to leave his steady job to pursue music full-time. And, not surprisingly, it’s Destiny who remains his biggest supporter and cheerleader, as he shares more music with the world.

“She’s the driving force behind all of it,” Davis says. “And to say that means that she’s the one that pushes me to be the best version of myself, to keep going for that next song, telling that next story, finding that next group of people that we want to reach, and accomplishing these milestones.

“Being an example, not only for my kids and the people around me, but for other people,” he continues. “Whether it’s inspiring an artist to be themselves and do what they want to do and what they love, or whether it’s just inspiring somebody to smile when they get out of bed in the morning. So she is the life of this music.”

Davis’ Jesus and Jesse James EP was released earlier this year. With Life’s Too Short, Davis is continuing with his goal to share as much music as he can with his fans, while getting to see as many of them as possible on the road.

“I feel like this is just a big next step, and it’s one that we’ve been playing live for a while actually,” says the singer. “There are a lot of these songs that if anyone’s come to a show, either on the end of the Step By Step Tour, or on any of this Hey Baby Tour, they’ll notice there are a lot of these songs that they’ve heard before. They didn’t realize it because we didn’t come out and say, ‘Hey, by the way, at the end of this year we’re gonna be giving you all these in one nice little neat bow.’

“We just kind of put it out there, and it’s helped me at the start, while we had time to say, ‘Hey, people love this song.’ We played the song ‘Pretty‘ for a while and when I figured out people loved that, there was no way I wasn’t gonna cut it.”

Davis is eager to perform a lot of his music, including the songs on Life’s Too Short, over the next few months, before he enjoys some much-needed downtime with his family over the holidays.

“[We’re] getting ready to really hit the last leg of this Hey Baby Tour with all we got. and bring all these songs from this album out, from city to city. Crank them up loud, and hopefully we’ve got a few new fan favorites that we’re getting to hear coming from the crowd back to us.”

See a track list for Life’s Too Short below. Find the album and all of Davis’ music, as well as a list of all of his upcoming shows on his Hey Baby Tour, can be found at

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Life’s Too Short Track List:

1. “Still Gonna Be” (Richard Brandon Davis, Daniel Agee, Joseph Ragosta)
2. “Pretty” (Richard Brandon Davis, Clay Mills, Kendal Conrad)
3. “Leave It To Love” (Richard Brandon Davis, Stefan van Leijsen, Sasha Rangas)
4. “Pray Like Hell” (Richard Brandon Davis, Brandon Sammons)
5. “Leave a Mark” (Richard Brandon Davis, Daniel Agee, Josh London)
6. “Mixtaping the Radio” (Richard Brandon Davis, Sam Koon, Alex Pennington Smith)
7. “Same Time Tomorrow” (Richard Brandon Davis, Palmer Lee, Rusty Paige)
8. “Six Strings and Jesus” (Richard Brandon Davis, Billy Dawson)
9. “Life’s Too Short” (Richard Brandon Davis, Austin Nivarel, Joseph Ragosta)
10. “Half Haggard and Hurtin’” (Richard Brandon Davis, Brandon Sammons)
11. “Don’t Hold Me To It” (Richard Brandon Davis, Josh Byrd, Alex Pennington Smith)
12. “For Sale Sign” (Richard Brandon Davis)
13. “He Didn’t Do” (Richard Brandon Davis, Josh Bricker)
14. “What It Is” (Richard Brandon Davis, Jacob Frish)
15. “Better By Now” (Richard Brandon Davis)
16. “Lightning In A Mason Jar (Deluxe)” (Richard Brandon Davis, Rusty Paige, Steven Schmitt)
17. “Nobody Cares” (Richard Brandon Davis, Josh Byrd)