Brandon Davis Drops ‘Pray Like Hell’ From New ‘Life’s Too Short’ Album [LISTEN]

A new single is here from Brandon Davis! The father of four just dropped “Pray Like Hell,” which is from his 17-track Life’s Too Short album, out on September 1.

“This song, what’s crazy about it is, I came up with part of it just driving down the road, ’cause it hit me,” Davis shared on social media, ahead of the song’s release. “The line was stuck in my head, and I could not stop thinking about it, over and over and over again. When I sat down with Brandon Sammons, we literally just had a conversation. We didn’t think about what we were gonna write. We didn’t just sit down and go through line after line after line. We just sat down and talked through the entire song.

“And it flowed like a river, from start to finish,” he continued. “There was no, ‘How do we make this work? How does this fit with this?’ It just happened. And that’s how I knew this song really — it had a good vibe from the start. It had that momentum that gave me an encouragement by the end, listening to these words sung back.”

“Pray Like Hell” follows “Pretty,” which Davis released in honor of his wife, Destiny.

“The idea behind ‘Pretty’ immediately struck me and made me think of my wife, Destiny,” Davis explains. “I knew this was one that I wanted to write in a way that showed her exactly how I see her through my own eyes. Anyone that knows her knows that this song describes her to a T. From remodeling the house to cooking dinner, this woman is the epitome of lovely, tough, and all I’ve ever dreamed of.

“Yes, she is absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world to me, but she’s also the strongest, most patient, and bravest as well,” he adds. “This woman has been through more than anyone realizes, and I admire her every single day and hope this song shows her just that.”

Davis is not only eager to share “Pray Like Hell,” but all of the other songs on Life’s Too Short with the rest of the world.

“This has been such a special project to put together, because I’ve got some of these songs — I wrote some of these two years ago,” the father of four explains. “It’s been really just finding the right time to get all of these together, and make the work complete. Once we had this lineup, and I had them all sitting side by side, there was no doubt that this was the next step. ‘Pretty’  has been an incredible thing to watch grow over the last week. You all have shown so much love for it. Same thing with ‘Still Gonna Be.’”

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