Brandon Davis Honors His Wife Destiny With ‘Pretty,’ Out Now [LISTEN]

Brandon Davis has another new song he is sharing with the world. The Tennessee native just released “Pretty,” a song he wrote with Clay Mills and Kendal Elizabeth Conrad, and was — not surprisingly — inspired by his wife, Destiny.

“The idea behind ‘Pretty’ immediately struck me and made me think of my wife, Destiny,” Davis explains. “I knew this was one that I wanted to write in a way that showed her exactly how I see her through my own eyes. Anyone that knows her knows that this song describes her to a T. From remodeling the house to cooking dinner, this woman is the epitome of lovely, tough, and all I’ve ever dreamed of.

“Yes, she is absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world to me, but she’s also the strongest, most patient, and bravest as well,” he adds. “This woman has been through more than anyone realizes, and I admire her every single day and hope this song shows her just that.”

Ahead of the release of “Pretty,” the father of four shared on social media why he wanted to honor Destiny with his latest song.

“She is constantly doing something,” Davis boasts of his wife. “She’s got to have busy hands. If her hands aren’t busy doing something, if her brain isn’t busy making something happen, or creating something new, creating something new out of something old, she’d go crazy. She has got something going on with her, something with the kids, or the house, or something for her … she is always on the move, and that makes the life of this house something to behold. And if you listen to this song, you’ll see how that life really unfolds.”

Davis wrote “Pretty” for Destiny, but also to give a voice to guys who want to honor their significant others as well.

“It’s written about my wife,” explains the singer-songwriter. “It was a chance to show how much I love her, love everything about her, but also saying things that I know a girl wants to hear, or at least what a guy thinks a girl wants to hear. I think with the help of Kendal Conrad and Clay Mills, we put together something really, truly special, and I hope stands the test of time.”

The release of “Pretty” comes only a few weeks after Davis released his heartbreak anthem, “Still Gonna Be.” Davis hinted that he had a new project on the horizon, after his latest Jesus and Jesse James EP was released earlier this year.

“it’s actually part of something really cool that we haven’t fully gotten into yet,” Davis teased on social media. “It’s the start of something incredible … This song is a whole different vibe. My daughter told me that this song had a groove to it, and my daughter doesn’t tell me that.”

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