Carly Pearce Drops ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’ Video [WATCH]

The long-awaited video for “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” Carly Pearce‘s collaboration with Chris Stapleton, is out! The theatrical video, with a surprising ending, stars Pearce’s longtime friend, Lucy Hale, and actor Shiloh Fernandez.

“Having talents like Lucy and Shiloh were truly such a gift,” Pearce says. “The ‘space’ you feel between the two of them is felt so tragically at every moment of this video.”

Pearce wrote “We Don’t Fight Anymore” with Shane McAnally and Pete Good. As with the rest of her music, the Kentucky native wanted to be as authentic and truthful as possible in the song.

“We were just trying to find something honest, as I feel like I always do,” Pearce tells iHeartCountry. “In this moment, this is not what any of us were going through, but I think Shane threw out the idea of ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore,’ and it was just off to the races at that point. I feel like all of us agreed that this is probably a point that people have been in, in a relationship.

“Maybe they’re still together,” she adds. “Maybe they’re not. Maybe they shouldn’t be together. Maybe this song will help them. But you always, at some point I guess, experience something like this, of just that feeling of indifference.”

Pearce reached out to Stapleton’s wife, Morgane, to see if he would join her on the heartbreaking ballad.

“When we wrote it, I heard Chris singing on it,” Pearce recalls on Audacy’s Coop. “I don’t know why. I kind of just heard him singing harmony on it, and I DM’d his wife, Morgane, and asked her if I could send a song for him, and it just snowballed. He ended up doing something so special on it, that unlocked the other side to the story, and it’s literally the most proud I’ve ever been to put out a song.”

Although Pearce says the song wasn’t personal to her or the other songwriters, she was glad to show another side of a relationship that might not have a happy ending.

“It wasn’t what I was going through at the time, but I’ve always been somebody who really loves sad songs, always,” Pearce reflects “Shane threw out this title, and it just felt like something that was really important. I feel like everybody has their highlight reel on social media. They don’t show you sometimes the backstage of what a relationship can look like.

Pearce just added dates to her headlining Country Music Made Me Do It Tour, which begins on October 5. She will also serve as the opening act on Tim McGraw‘s 2024 Standing Room Only Tour, kicking off on March 14 in Jacksonville, Florida. All of Pearce’s music and upcoming shows can be found at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Machine Records / Allister Ann