Carly Pearce Readies ‘New Chapter’ With Next Album

Carly Pearce is ready for fans to hear her next album. The Grand Ole Opry member released her poignant 29: Written in Stone album in 2021, detailing the end of her brief marriage to Michael Ray, pouring her heart and soul out into the lyrics on all 15 tracks.

Now, Pearce is ready to release her next project, one she says will be just as honest, with a new sense of confidence in who she is, and the music she makes.

“I feel so removed from that season in my life that I’m really excited to be able to share with fans a new chapter,” Pearce tells CMT. “I did not know how I was going to be able to make 29 not the greatest album I’ve ever made. I really feel like I’ve done that. I think I’ve topped it and made just a more mature album, more just even more country and more myself than that one. So, I’m excited.”

Pearce might have successfully moved past a public heartbreak, but those hurts, however painful, helped Pearce evolve into a confident, self-assured woman, unafraid to take chances in her music.


“I’m still on a healing journey of what occurred in my life,” Pearce acknowledges. “And also just coming more into my own and feeling like my 30s are just a season that I’m really enjoying and the confidence level of me as a human being and an artist, but also just as a woman. It’s there. I think people will find the things they love about me on there, but there’s also a sense of just coming to terms with what happened to me and moving on.”

Fans resonated deeply with Pearce’s vulnerable and honest songs, helping her score two back-to-back No. 1 singles with her “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” duet with Ashley McBryde, as well as her recent “What He Didn’t Do” single, which also landed at the top of the charts. Pearce is also likely to earn another No. 1 hit in 2024, this one for her Grammy-nominatedWe Don’t Fight Anymore” collaboration with Chris Stapleton.

“It’s mind-blowing because of the women that we have in the format and the ones that I know are on the sidelines, just waiting for the opportunity to have their shot to have a song on the radio,” Pearce shares.. “It also gives me a sense of pride to be an example for women that are trying, to show them that you can be literally the most authentic version of yourself, and you can do it.”

Pearce will join Tim McGraw on his Standing Room Only Tour in 2024. Find all of her music and upcoming shows at