Carly Pearce Wanted to Keep It Real on ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’

Carly Pearce has a Top 20 hit, with “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” her collaboration with Chris Stapleton. The song, which Pearce wrote with Shane McAnally and Pete Good, is the debut single from her next album.

“When I wrote ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore,’ we wanted to write something that was real,” Pearce explained in a video shared on social media. “And usually I feel like I go to just a place of whatever’s making me feel something. I always want to feel. When we started to write this song, I felt like I found so many different people’s story, whether you’re still in this relationship, whether you’ve left this relationship, or whether you’re literally in the moment having these feelings of just a relationship going cold.”

Pearce sent the song to Stapleton’s wife, Morgane, to see if the reigning CMA Male Vocalist of the Year would join her on the heartbreaking tune.

“When we wrote it, I heard Chris singing on it,” Pearce toldiHeartCountry. “I don’t know why. I kind of just heard him singing harmony on it, and I DM’d his wife, Morgane, and asked her if I could send a song for him, and it just snowballed. He ended up doing something so special on it, that unlocked the other side to the story, and it’s literally the most proud I’ve ever been to put out a song.”

Pearce knew Stapleton would do a good job in the studio, but she had no idea how much his vocal would transform the entire song.

“He called me on his way to the studio and asked me what was my wildest dream for the song,” Pearce told People. “And I said, ‘Go do what you feel.’ Obviously, I’ve had other collaborations, but it’s kind of like they sing a verse, I sing a verse, we sing a chorus. But he took the bridge of this song, and just made it his own and gave it a whole different meaning to the song and a different voice to the song — and it blew my mind.”

“We Don’t Fight Anymore” is part of what Pearce says will be a new musical chapter for her, with her next record, the follow-up to her 2021 29: Written in Stone album.

“I feel so removed from that season in my life that I’m really excited to be able to share with fans a new chapter,” Pearce told CMT. “I did not know how I was going to be able to make 29 not the greatest album I’ve ever made. I really feel like I’ve done that. I think I’ve topped it and made just a more mature album, more just even more country and more myself than that one. So, I’m excited.”

“We Don’t Fight Anymore” is nominated for a Grammy Award, for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

Pearce will join Tim McGraw on his Standing Room Only Tour in 2024. Find all of her music and upcoming shows at