Carrie Underwood Hints About Upcoming Las Vegas Residency: ‘Anything is Possible’

Carrie Underwood is already known for her over-the-top shows, and her upcoming Las Vegas residency promises to be no exception. The 38-year-old, who just announced her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency, kicking off on December 1, teases that there are no limits to her upcoming six-show run in Las Vegas.

“It’s just going to be high energy. I want everything to just be super exciting and big,” Underwood tells People. “When I think of Vegas, I think of being a little over the top — I love wardrobe changes and scene changes and different lighting concepts. I feel like we’re right now just in that planning phase of ‘anything is possible.’ And I just look forward to seeing it all take shape.”

Even the title, which she says “will reflect the amazing journey I’ve been on for the past 16 years,” is a nod to what Underwood will include in the show.

“The whole thing when we started thinking about ‘reflection’ as our overarching theme, we really just wanted it to be like a ‘best of’ type situation,” Underwood says. “And I’ve got a few years under my belt now and been lucky enough to have songs that people will know and can sing along with me.”

“I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all of the party people coming to Vegas to have a good time, to cut loose, let loose singing along to songs like ‘Before He Cheats’ and ‘Good Girl’ and ‘Last Name’ and this, all the sassy songs,” she adds. “I can definitely see it in my head already.”

Underwood always loves performing, but is even more eager after spending so much time off the road because of the pandemic.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m so looking forward to getting back to normal and singing on a stage in front of people, but it was a kind of a forced slow down,” Underwood shares. “I guess absence also makes the heart grow fonder. As far as the business and being slower and not being able to do all the things we normally do, I feel like everybody’s just itching to get back at it. And I certainly gained an appreciation, a new appreciation for what this life is and wanting to get back in front of people on stage.”

One dollar from each ticket sale for Underwood’s Vegas residency will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a cause she is personally passionate about.

“I love that it’s like, we’re all here together anyway, enjoying our night, we might as well be doing some good in the world as well,” Underwood notes. “And it’s such a small thing, $1 per ticket, but it really adds up. I’ve worked with Make-A-Wish for as long as I’ve been doing this.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Full Coverage / Jeremy Coward