Carrie Underwood Praises Mike Fisher’s Induction Into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame

Carrie Underwood is one proud wife. The American Idol alum praises her husband, Mike Fisher, who was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Fisher was part of the 2023 class of inductees, which included MTSU baseball legend Steve Smith, Bristol Motor Speedway Co-Founder Carl R. Moore, and Lady Vol Track Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Tianna Madison

Fisher, a professional ice hockey player, began his career with the Ottawa Senators in 1999, before joining the Nashville Predators team in 2011. He remained with the Predators until 2017 when he announced he was retiring. He later came out of retirement for one season, in 2018.

Underwood commented on the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame social media post, applauding her husband for his induction.

“Congratulations, babe!” Underwood wrote. “So proud of you!!! I can think of no one more deserving! Glad me and the boys could celebrate you and your accomplishments…”

Fisher was surprised with news of the induction when he was a guest on the Predators Intermission Report in February.

“Since Mike’s arrival in the Volunteer State, he has worked to make the state better in every way. From his on-ice contributions to his philanthropic work across the region, Mike Fisher has made an indelible mark on the state of Tennessee,” said Brad Willis, Executive Director of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. “Mike was part of a Predators team that captivated the state, and we are excited to honor his career with induction into the Class of 2023.”

The “Out Of That Truck” singer has been vocal about her gratitude for Fisher, whom she wed in 2010.

“Mike as a dad is just super involved in our boys’ lives, very hands-on,” Underwood told UMG Nashville. “It takes a team, definitely, to be able to support my crazy life and Mike’s always running around doing a lot of charity things, and he’s always meeting with people. He’s on different boards and stuff like that, so we’re very much switching off duties as far as taking boys here and there to school and sports, and to all the extra-curricular activities.”

Fortunately, the busy parents of two boys have found a way to make their family life run smoothly, even when Underwood is on the road or at her Las Vegas residency.

“I just love that I feel like we’re such a great team,” Underwood boasted. “I love it that he gets to now work with Isaiah on sports and things like that, and I know he loves it too. So, I think that’s one of my favorite qualities about Mike is just how hands-on of a father he is and very willing to pick up the slack when I’m crazy busy. Obviously, he’s just a very Godly father, as well. He keeps God as the center of our family and gets to teach our boys all about that, as well. So, he’s just a great guy all around.”