Carrie Underwood Says Her Husband Mike Fisher Is ‘Super Involved’ As a Dad

Carrie Underwood is a proud mother to Isaiah, eight, and Jacob, four, two sons she shares with her husband, Mike Fisher. With her superstar career, the 40-year-old relies heavily on Fisher, whom she feels fortunate to be able to share the parenting duties.

“Mike as a dad is just super involved in our boys’ lives, very hands-on,” Underwood tells UMG Nashville. “It takes a team, definitely, to be able to support my crazy life and Mike’s always running around doing a lot of charity things, and he’s always meeting with people. He’s on different boards and stuff like that, so we’re very much switching off duties as far as taking boys here and there to school and sports, and to all the extra-curricular activities.”

Underwood’s schedule also includes an extension of her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency at Resorts World Theatre, due to fan demand, which resumes on June 23. Fortunately, Fisher helps shoulder the parenting load, especially when she is busy with her own superstar career.


“I just love that I feel like we’re such a great team,” Underwood boasts. “I love it that he gets to now work with Isaiah on sports and things like that, and I know he loves it too. So, I think that’s one of my favorite qualities about Mike is just how hands-on of a father he is and very willing to pick up the slack when I’m crazy busy. Obviously, he’s just a very Godly father, as well. He keeps God as the center of our family and gets to teach our boys all about that, as well. So, he’s just a great guy all around.”

Underwood’s life might require her to travel all over the world, but the Grand Ole Opry member insists she is still very much a hands-on mom, in spite of her superstar status.

“I love my role as a mom and wife,” Underwood tells VEGAS. “In addition to what I get to do on stage, I go to baseball practice. It’s wonderfully ordinary, and I love that. In a lot of ways, I lead a double life. I’m mom at home, and then I fly away to Vegas or to go on tour.”

Underwood just announced the release of Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition), out on September 22. The new version has six new songs added to the original record, which came out ln June of 2022, including her current single, “Out Of That Truck,” and “Take Me Out,” which Underwood just dropped. She also just launched her own Carrie’s Country radio station, on channel 60 on SiriusXM.