13 Years Ago: Carrie Underwood Married Mike Fisher in Georgia

Happy anniversary to Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher! The couple married on July 10, 2010, in a lavish ceremony in Greensboro, Georgia.

Underwood and Fisher began dating in 2008, after meeting at one of her concerts.  Sparks flew, but their relationship was largely long-distance, since Underwood was on tour, and Fisher was playing hockey with the Ottawa Senators. Their first kiss was on New Year’s Eve, initiated by Underwood, after she invited herself to a team New Year’s Eve party Fisher was attending.

“It was New Year’s Eve, and there was a team party,” Underwood recalled. “I’m a skeptic anyway, and I feel like I’ve got walls up to start with,” Underwood reveals on SiriusXM‘s The Howard Stern Show. “I actually invited myself to the team party. He moved slow. He moved very slow, and I was like, ‘You know, New Year’s Eve’s coming up. Are you doing anything?’ He’s like, ‘There’s a team party.’ I said, ‘Do you need a date?’”

It was Underwood who also made sure they had their first kiss just in time for the New Year.

“We were in front of people, and he’s not a big PDA guy,” Underwood said (via People). “I figured, I’ll go in for it because he can’t leave me hanging, right? So I made him kiss me in public.”

The kiss apparently worked, because one year later, Fisher proposed on December 20, marrying less than seven months later.

“We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us,” the couple said in a statement after their nuptials, before heading to a honeymoon in Bora Bora.

Their romance may seem like a fairytale, but the two have weathered several storms, including Underwood experiencing three heartbreaking miscarriages in between the birth of their son Isaiah in 2015 and Jacob in 2019.

“He is so levelheaded about everything, and when I was dealing with everything, not just emotionally but hormonally,” Underwood told People. “When you’re going on that roller coaster of pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant, not pregnant, I was probably not very easy to love, to be honest. And to have somebody so even-keeled, he was my lifeline, keeping me grounded.”

Through their highs and lows, the couple credits their strong Christian faith with making their relationship work, even in the hard times.

“We’ve been, as the world sees it, blessed with a lot of things, in doing what we love to do, and money, and fame,” Fisher said as part of their God & Country web series on I Am Second. “But there is no true happiness in the things that everyone sees that should be great, apart from a real relationship with God and with Jesus. We’re not perfect. We don’t have a perfect marriage.

“But we have that one thing in our faith, and that’s why we’re here, is to glorify God with what we’ve been given, and hopefully, we point people to the answer,” he added. That’s what we want to be.”

Fisher retired from being a professional hockey player in 2018, and has been active in other business ventures since then, while also making time with his family a top priority.

“Mike as a dad is just super involved in our boys’ lives, very hands-on,” Underwood told UMG Nashville. “It takes a team, definitely, to be able to support my crazy life and Mike’s always running around doing a lot of charity things, and he’s always meeting with people. He’s on different boards and stuff like that, so we’re very much switching off duties as far as taking boys here and there to school and sports, and to all the extra-curricular activities.”

Fisher is also supportive of his superstar wife when her career takes her away from home, whether it’s for one of her headlining tours or for her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency

“I just love that I feel like we’re such a great team,” Underwood boasted. “I love it that he gets to now work with Isaiah on sports and things like that, and I know he loves it too. So, I think that’s one of my favorite qualities about Mike is just how hands-on of a father he is and very willing to pick up the slack when I’m crazy busy. Obviously, he’s just a very Godly father, as well. He keeps God as the center of our family and gets to teach our boys all about that, as well. So, he’s just a great guy all around.”

Underwood just announced the release of Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition), out on September 22. The new version has six new songs added to the original record, which came out ln June of 2022, including her current single, “Out Of That Truck,” and “Take Me Out,” which Underwood just dropped. She also just launched her own Carrie’s Country radio station, on channel 60 on SiriusXM.