Carrie Underwood Reveals All of Her Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

Carrie Underwood already revealed that she put her Christmas tree up early, due to her ongoing  REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency at Resorts World Theatre, scheduled through December 16. But when she is back in her home, the mother of two has a few traditions that she insists on, year after year.

“For the past few years, we all get matching PJs,” Underwood discloses. “Either we get them or somebody else gifts them to us, and we all match – my husband, myself, my sons and our dogs. And getting my German Shepherd into a Christmas sweater is no easy feat, I will tell you that.”

Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, also make sure to get a real tree, a new tradition they established for themselves when they started their own family.

“We were an artificial tree family growing up,” Underwood shares. “It was easier, but now in our own home, we do the real tree thing, and we kind of try to make that a little bit of a tradition. We go and we pick it out. The boys have some say in which one we get, and they feel some ownership, and we all decorate it together and of course, have Christmas music playing in the house.

“I make cookies that were my husband’s grandmother’s, that my kids call Gigi,” she adds. “It’s her recipe, her ginger snap cookies, and we make those. It’s super sweet. Isaiah loves to make Gigi’s cookies, because he still remembers her a little bit. So, it’s something special we get to do.”

The 40-year-old has fond, lasting memories of her childhood Christmas traditions that she shared with her parents and two sisters in Oklahoma. It’s those memories that inspire Underwood to create the same experience now for her sons.

“For me growing up, Christmas was always just comforting,’ Underwood says. “We always had the same stockings and the same tree and the same decorations, and we would always decorate the weekend right after Thanksgiving. Flip the Christmas switch, put the tree up. Now that we’re adults and have kids, we can go to the Christmas tree farm and we can walk around, and we can pick out which one and ask Isaiah, ‘Which one do you think?’ Just things like that, making those memories. It’s just a joyful time of year.”

Underwood released her own Christmas album, My Gift, in 2020. Find the record and all of Underwood’s music and tour dates at

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