Charlie Daniels’ Son Recalls How the Military Honored His Father Following His Death

Charlie Daniels‘ son, Charlie Daniels, Jr., has been sharing memories of his father, and the touching moments after his father passed away, on the Charlie Daniels’ Band’s website. In a recent post, Daniels, Jr. recalled the way the Country Music Hall of Fame member was honored by the military, especially during the family’s private viewing, while a larger public service was also taking place outside the funeral home.

“There was an American flag draped over dad’s casket and at the end of the visitation, two United States Marines from the Honor Guard stepped to each end of dad’s casket, one of them pulled the flag over the top of the which had previously been open for viewing,” Daniels, Jr. recounted. “Then in true military fashion, the Marines lifted the flag, and began to fold it until it was in the shape of a triangle. Then one of them escorted mom to a chair outside of the funeral home where the crowd was gathered, and I followed along behind them, and was seated next to my mom.”

Daniels, Jr. also recalled other ways his father, who founded the Journey Home Project and was active in causes for veterans and those in active duty,  was honored.

“The military salute to my father was just beginning,” Daniels, Jr. remembered. “Two Black Hawk helicopters flew overhead as the crowd watched, followed by a 21-gun Salute. The flag that had just been folded was reverently passed between different members of the military Honor Guard, and retired Lt. Gen. Keith M. Huber, who is the Senior Advisor for Veterans and Leadership Initiatives at Middle Tennessee State University, including the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Families Center on the MTSU campus, presented my mom with the flag that had been folded inside the funeral home, then I was presented with a flag as well.

“Sadly I don’t remember his name, but I can’t even remember my own name half the time the past couple of weeks. It was all surreal,” he continued. “Then Maj. Gen. Max Haston, the Adjutant General for the Tennessee National Guard, presented mom with a Tennessee State Flag, folded and already in a glass case. Then a bugler played ‘Taps’ and a bagpiper played the sweet sounds of ‘Amazing Grace,’ as mom and I held hands trying our best to hold back tears, but not doing a very good job.”

Daniels, Jr. acknowledged how proud his father would have been by the outpouring of support shown to him during the service.

“I know dad would have been moved by tears, as we were, at the gratitude that our armed forces showed him for years of support,” Daniels, Jr. said. “As my dad has said on many occasions, that from an early age he realized that only two things protected America, ‘The Grace of Almighty God, and the United States Military.’

“There were many more festivities, but my mom was exhausted so I wanted to get her home as soon as possible, so we left before Gov. Mike Huckabee and others spoke, along with performances by Darryl Worley, Tracy Lawrence and Trace Adkins, among others,” he added. “Sadly, we also missed a recorded voice message from President Trump expressing his condolences on the loss of my father to my mom and I. I’m hoping to get a copy of that at some point.”

Daniels, Jr. also shared several “God winks” that took place during the week following his father’s death, including a large rainbow that could be seen above the funeral home, and a cloud that appeared to be a man in a cowboy hat.

Charlie passed away on July 6, from a hemorrhagic stroke. He was given the Patriots Honor Walk as his body left the hospital on the way to the funeral home.