Chase Wright Gets Personal With Debut ‘Intertwined’ Album [EXCLUSIVE]

Chase Wright’s debut album, Intertwined, is out! The 10-track record, released earlier this month, was co-written almost entirely by Wright, becoming a labor of love for Wright for the past few years.

Intertwined is a compilation. I have songs from 2018 on there, when I first started coming to town back and forth from college and writing songs,” Wright tells Everything Nash. “I think it really shows if you were to align the songs up in chronological order from when I wrote them. I think it shows a lot of growth from when I started writing until where I’m at now. The entire project is about my relationships. It’s got some happy songs in there, some breakup songs in there. But I feel like that’s where the title, ‘Intertwined,’ came from, was from the title track.”

Wright might have had a hand in writing almost all of the songs on Intertwined, but he found naming the album one of the most difficult tasks of the project.

“We were trying to think of a name for the album, and of course that’s just the hardest thing ever to do,” Wright says. “I saw an interview with Old Dominion, and they said naming children is easier … It had this double meaning, and it just made so much sense. We were like, ‘This works great.’  I’m super proud to have a full project out. It’s one of those things that seems surreal. It’s something I have dreamed about since I was a little kid about, having a physical record, and now we’re finally able to do that.”

“Missing You” is the only song on Intertwined that Wright didn’t write. While he hopes to write most of the tracks on his projects moving forward, the Indiana native vows to always remain open to songs by other writers as well.

“All of my favorite artists cut outside songs,” Wright says. “I’m not naive enough to believe that I’m going to write the best song every single day. There are so many talented writers here in town, and I want to pull from that if at all possible. If it seems real and genuine, and something that I wish I would have said. But I feel like it just sort of naturally happens that way, where I end up writing all my own music because I know what I want to say. and I say it in the way that I want to say it. It’s hard to get somebody else to do that. But thankfully on ‘Missing You,’ the writers did that absolutely perfectly. We were looking for that specific song, the same tempo and feel, and all that stuff. So it just really worked out.”

Wright co-wrote the title track with Alyssa Bonagura and Jared Keim, with Canadian pop star Delaney James joining him on the track.

“We wrote the first verse and chorus, and I really, really loved where it was going,” Wright recalls. “And then two months later, I came back to it and I was like, ‘Guys, I have an idea. This could be bad, but I think this is a duet. I really, really do. So that’s the second verse. Thankfully, we had a female voice and a female writer, ’cause we were able to write that second verse catered towards a female, and then ended up making it my first duet. I think it turned out really, really great. I really believe in this song, and I’m super excited for it to be out. And getting Delaney on it, that was just, that was perfect. I wanted to have a pop female voice, and I wanted to branch out outside of Nashville, to capture a new fan base.”

Wright has been working on new music for a long time, which is why he is so happy to have it in the hands of his fans.

“I’m super excited to see the stuff I’ve been working on for the last three years finally be a full body of work and be out there,” Wright says. “We’re actually doing a vinyl for this project. That’s going to be in first quarter next year. Just like having physical products is so, so awesome.”

Find all of Wright’s music, as well as his upcoming shows, by visiting his website.