Chris Stapleton Drops Romantic ‘Think I’m In Love With You’ [LISTEN]

After scoring another No. 1 hit with “White Horse,” Chris Stapleton is back with a brand-new song. The Kentucky native just released “Think I’m In Love With You,” a song he wrote by himself, which appears on his latest Higher album.

“Think I’m In Love With You” shows off Stapleton’s stunning vocals, which he made prominent over the laidback track.

“When we were recording ‘Think I’m In Love With You,’ we were making sure that we were all playing as quietly as possible, and I think that really informs the song,” Stapleton told his record label.

“Think I’m In Love With You” is likely inspired by Stapleton’s relationship with his wife, Morgane, who is one of the co-producers on the song (along with Stapleton and Dave Cobb).

“From a work standpoint, we’re a married couple. And like anybody else, we might be getting on each other’s nerves or something,” Stapleton told Cowboys & Indians,. “But if we’re away from each other for more than two days — because we do work, live, and raise children together — on the rare occasion we’re apart, we’re sort of like teenagers. We’re like, ‘I miss you,’ and, ‘I miss you too.’ And that’s a really sweet and wonderful thing.”

Stapleton and Morgane wed in 2007, and he credits her with much of his success in music, as well as his strongest influence.

“[Morgane] doesn’t like the attention necessarily, and she does it because I do it,” Stapleton said on Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. “She likes to do it with me because I enjoy doing it. She would be very happy staying home and doing mom stuff. She likes music and she is very passionate about music, but some of the other things that are the work of music are not her favorite. But she’s invaluable as well, and she knows that as well, and we make sure that she knows that.

“That’s a hard thing for her to navigate sometimes, to be needed in so many places… we all know that she’s the boss in the room,” he added, ‘and if it doesn’t pass her, it’s not going to pass. That’s the way it goes.”

Stapleton will continue headlining All-American Road Show Tour this year, and will also once again serve as the opener for George Strait on another run of stadium shows.. Find all of his music and upcoming shows at

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