Chris Young Speaks Out After Charges Dropped: ‘I’m Still Processing’

Chris Young is speaking out about the unfortunate incident he was a part of last week, when he was charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Those charges were, fortunately, dropped when video footage emerged disputing the original claims. Although Young’s attorney, Bill Ramsey, spoke out on Young’s behalf, the singer-songwriter is now sharing his own thoughts, in a video posted on social media.

“Hey guys, so I just wanted to say something,” Young begins. “You know, I’m still processing a lot through the false accusations and everything that went on in the past week. But I wanted to say first and foremost, thank you to everybody that had my back. It meant the world to me and I had so many friends and fans reach out and say, ‘We got you. We don’t believe you did any of this.’

“So it’s really nice to see the charges get dismissed,” he adds. “It’s not something I wish anybody has to go through ever. But, like I said, the bright spot was seeing just all the love and support.”

Young goes on to say that, as a way to express his gratitude, he is dropping a brand-new song from his forthcoming Young Love & Saturday Nights record.

“So what I wanted to do as a thank you to you guys – because this was not planned – is drop a new song from the album so you guys will have something to listen to,” Young continues. “We’re going to put out ‘Double Down’ at midnight and I really hope you guys enjoy this one. Crank it up, enjoy it – I appreciate you, I love you, and thank you.”

Young Love & Saturday Nights will be out on March 22.

“This is what this album felt like it needed to be for me,” Young says of the 18-track record. “It’s a little louder, a little more raw. Even the stripped-down songs are heavier. I love creating music and I love making it and the fact that I get to do that for a living is a pretty incredible thing.”

In addition to the title track, currently in the Top 40, Young also recently released “Right Now,”

“This chorus hits like a sledgehammer. It sounds like a big old hit,” Young says of the track. “I love it because it’s a different take on a breakup song. Not every relationship ends the same way, and I think that’s why I end up writing so many love songs. It’s one of the hallmarks of an album of mine: I’ve got to have a sexy song, a breakup song, and a wedding song because that’s life. Everybody goes through those different phases.”

Young will embark on his Young Love & Saturday Nights Tour on April 25 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Find music and tour dates at