Carly Pearce Reveals Her New Album Is Completed

Carly Pearce‘s new album is finished, which means fans fortunately won’t have to wait much longer for new music. The Grand Ole Opry member, whose last record, 29: Written in Stone, was released in 2021, is rightfully proud of her very honest and telling next set of tunes.

“Obviously, it’s been a really long time since I’ve released an album and so many things have happened kind of in front of people, but also privately that I’ve been holding back to share,” Pearce told People. “I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been to release music. And I wasn’t quite sure I could say that after 29, but I really feel that way.”

Pearce, who has already released “We Don’t Fight Anymore” with Chris Stapleton, shared a few clues on social media about her next project, clues her savvy fans quickly interpreted.

can you spot the clues? 🤓

Posted by Carly Pearce on Sunday, January 28, 2024


“Well, I have to say I gave clues to about three or four different events that are happening in my life, which is fun,” Pearce praised. “And people are really smart, I’ll say that. And they will not have to wait much longer. I would say in the next couple months they’ll know all the answers to the clues.”

Pearce is part of a new chapter in country music, which sees more female artists having success at radio, after a long era where mostly male artists dominated the charts.

“You’re seeing women kind of take over country music right now and in a really authentic way,” Pearce boasts. “In ways that everybody’s kind of got their own lane, their own point of view.”

While many female artists decried the bro-country movement, the Kentucky native stayed largely silent, rightfully believing that female artists would again have their moment to shine.

“I’ve been doing this at this level for seven years, and I always kind of had a more optimistic outlook … Women ruled the radio in the ’90s for country music, and I felt like if we would start focusing on really the integrity of the music and the artistry that it would swing again in our favor,” Pearce said. “And I think you’re seeing that right now with people like Lainey Wilson and Megan Moroney and just these females that are really dialed in on who they are.”

Pearce is nominated for her second Grammy Award this weekend, this one for Best Country Duo/Group collaboration for “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” a category she won last year for her “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” duet with Ashley McBryde. She also has four No. 1 songs to her credit, and will soon hit the road to join Tim McGraw, one of her musical idols, on his Standing Room Only Tour.

“All little Carly ever wanted to do was country music,” Pearce reflected. “I always say it’s the biggest blessing and the biggest curse to know what you want to do as a child, because ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ ‘What if it’s not in the cards?’ But I would just tell her that every single dream and more that she ever wanted is going to come true. So buckle up, because it’s pretty crazy.”

The 2024 Grammy Awards will air on Sunday, February 4, from the Arena in Los Angeles. The ceremony will also air live at 8:00 PM ET on CBS, and will also stream on Parmount+.

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