Chris Young to Headline Nashville’s Free July 4th Celebration

Chris Young will headline a free show on July 4. The Tennessee native will headline the annual Let Freedom Sing! Music City July 4th celebration, joined by an impressive list of acts, including Blessing Offor, Yola and Girl Named Tom.

The already-popular event will, for the first time ever, include drone light elements, synchronized to live music from the Nashville Symphony. Let Freedom Sing! will also include the Amazon Family Fun Zone, with inflatables and live music. The Fun Zone, concert and fireworks show are all free and open to the public.

“Chris Young is going to deliver an unforgettable performance as the headliner for yet another spectacular Fourth of July celebration, and we are truly excited about the exceptionally diverse lineup, which features talents like Yola, Girl Named Tom and Blessing Offor,” says Ken Levitan, Chairman of the NCVC Board of Directors and Co-President of Vector Management.

“In addition to these thrilling performances, we are proud to introduce new elements to enhance the festivities, such as incorporating drones into the fireworks display and partnering with PENCIL to support their invaluable work of empowering Nashville’s youth,” he adds. “We invite everyone to join us for a full day of music, fireworks and giving back to our community.”

Young is currently enjoying a Top 20 hit with “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” the title track of his latest record, out last month. The record also includes “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” “Right Now,” “Double Down” and “What She Sees In Me,” the latter a love song that Young is proud to have been a part of writing, along with Christian Davis Stalnecker, Kyle Fishman, Ray Fulcher and Josh Hoge.

“What She Sees In Me is a song that honestly got started by a couple of my friends, and I very rarely jump in after something’s been started,” Young said. “I like to be there from the very, very beginning. But before they got too far along, my buddy Josh, who called me, was like, ‘Dude, I think you’ll crush this. This sounds like you. I love this idea. Check this out. And if you want to finish it with us, you can finish it with us.’ And so I wrote a second verse and like sort of a bridge idea and sent it back to them. And he was like, ‘Yes, you’re in. Come on. Let’s do this.’”

Young has written plenty of love songs, but knew as soon as he finished “What She Sees In Me” that it was something special.

“[It’s a] beautiful, beautiful love song,” Young said. “And I think it says what a lot of people would say, when you’re looking at someone that you’re so massively in love with. Like, I still don’t see what they see in me because I think they are just the pinnacle of perfection.“

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Young will embark on his Young Love & Saturday Nights Tour on April 25 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Find all of Young’s music and tour dates at