Chris Young Drops ‘Double Down’ From New Album [LISTEN]

Chris Young‘s new song, “Double Down,” is here! The singer announced he was releasing the song, from his forthcoming Young Love & Saturday Nights album, as a thank-you to his fans, who stood by him after he was falsely accused and charged, with those charges later dropped.

“What I wanted to do as a thank you to you guys – because this was not planned – is drop a new song from the album so you guys will have something to listen to,” Young announced. “We’re going to put out ‘Double Down’ at midnight and I really hope you guys enjoy this one. Crank it up, enjoy it – I appreciate you, I love you, and thank you.”

Young was charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Those charges were, fortunately, dropped after video emerged disputing the original claims.

“I’m still processing a lot through the false accusations and everything that went on in the past week,” Young said as part of a video message he shared with his fans. “But I wanted to say first and foremost, thank you to everybody that had my back. It meant the world to me and I had so many friends and fans reach out and say, ‘We got you. We don’t believe you did any of this.’

“So it’s really nice to see the charges get dismissed,” he added. “It’s not something I wish anybody has to go through ever. But, like I said, the bright spot was seeing just all the love and support.”

Young Love & Saturday Nights will be out on March 22. In addition to his current single, with the record’s title track, Young has also released “Looking For You,” “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” and “Right Now” from the record.

“Albums are all a snapshot of time, right?” Young told Nashville Lifestyles. “This year I was really introspective. I’ve worked a lot on myself. I was in the gym a lot more. I was in the studio a lot more, and I was traveling and working toward this new project— changing things around in my career. There’s been a lot of work that I’ve put in this year, whether it was personal, professional, or even just into my friendships, making sure I was taking time to see people I care about. And I think that probably shows a little bit.”

Young will embark on his Young Love & Saturday Nights Tour on April 25 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. See a track list for Young Love & Saturday Nights below. Find music and tour dates at

Young Love & Saturday Nights Track List:

1. Looking for You
2. All Dogs Go to Heaven
3. Young Love & Saturday Nights
4. Don’t Call Me
5. What She Sees in Me
6. Country Boy’s Prayer
7. Double Down
8. Call It a Day
9. Drink to Remember
10. Don’t Stop Now
11. Fall Out
12. Fire
13. Gettin’ Older
14. Right Now
15. Million Miles
16. Everybody Grew Up
17. Knee Deep in Neon
18. Down