Chris Young, ‘Young Love & Saturday Nights’: Story Behind the Song

Chris Young just released “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” from a new album. The song was written by Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure and Josh Thompson, with the late rocker David Bowie also credited as a writer, Although a very talented songwriter on his own, Young didn’t write his current single, but that didn’t stop him from recording what he knew would be a hit for him.

“‘Young Love & Saturday Nights’ is a song that just kind of fell in my lap, so to speak,” Young shares with his record label. “We were having some meetings, people were cycling in and out of the Sony building playing songs for the record. Obviously, I write most of my stuff, but not all. You look at the history of my music, you’ll find a lot of songs that have gone No. 1, and been huge hits for me that I didn’t write as well as the ones I did. And this is one that I definitely wish I had written. I just fell in love with it from first listen; obviously a summer vibe behind this one.”

“Young Love & Saturday Nights” was very reminiscent to the Grand Ole Opry member of his early years, when he was just getting started in country music.

“[It] talks about that whole process of what reminds me of my start playing in bars, and just playing new music for the first time,” Young explains. “Maybe your truck doesn’t always run right, maybe you’re just getting your start. And just that whole idea of, I think everybody’s probably set in a truck before and made out with somebody. And I think just that imagery and that that whole idea of young love and falling in love maybe for the first time is a really, really cool thing to put into the energy of a song like this.

“It’s up-tempo,” he adds. “It’s a lot of fun to play and I can’t wait for everybody to hear it and be out there playing it on the road all summer.”

Young was adamant that Bowie, who passed away in 2016, be credited as a writer on “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” since it was one of Bowie’s guitar licks, in “Rebel Rebel,” which became part of Young’s hit single.

“‘Young Love and Saturday Nights,’ obviously that lick is “Rebel Rebel,’” Young previously explained on social media. “So, they decided to create something new, using that lick, and not picking up a sample, but using that to create a brand-new song. [Bowie] is a songwriter on this song. He is credited as a writer, because they used the lick from “Rebel Rebel.” That was something that was not completely intentional.

“The other writers on it — I’m not a writer on this song, I just produced the track with a couple of friends, and obviously sing it,” he added at the time. “But I’m really honored that they trusted me with it.”

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