Cole Swindell Praises Lainey Wilson: ‘She Isn’t Going To Be One That Changes’

Cole Swindell had a small part in helping launch Lainey Wilson‘s already legendary career. The Georgia native included Wilson on his hit single, “Never Say Never,” which not only was her first collaboration, but her second No. 1 hit, released in 2021 at the start of her career.

“For me and Lainey, we were friends before that, but I hadn’t really gotten to spend that much time with her,” Swindell shared with Everything Nash and other outlets at a recent media event. “And just to get to know her through all the promotions with the song, and seeing where she is now, it hasn’t even been that long ago. But if anybody is going to have their career explode like that, I couldn’t tell you a better person than her, and a better representative of country music than Lainey Wilson.

“I’m glad to be a small part of that, but I just know that that song wouldn’t have been the same without her voice on it,’ he continued. “To see all that she’s gone on to do, I’m a huge Lainey Wilson fan, and always will be. She texted me the other day about my new song. She isn’t going to be one that changes, I promise you that.”

It was Swindell who sent the song to Wilson, while she was on vacation, asking if she would join him on the fiery track.

“I listened to the first verse and chorus, and it stopped me in my tracks,” Wilson told CMT. “It made me feel something to my core. I want to be a part of things like that. I said, ’Man, sign me up.’”

In addition to her “Things a Man Oughta Know,” “Heart Like A Truck” and “Watermelon Moonshine,” Wilson also had a chart-topping duet with HARDY on “wait in the truck,” and is currently celebrating a No. 1 hit with Jelly Rolll, on “Save Me.”

Swindell just released “3 Feet Tall,” the first song from his upcoming fifth studio album.

“I can’t believe the 1st song from Album 5 is out,” Swindell said when the song was released. “Songs like these are why I fell in love with country music in the first place. For all of you out there that have lived it in any way, I’m here for you. I’ve been there too. Music is so powerful and I feel like this song is just special. I hope it hits a few of you out there like it does me. Love y’all.”

Swindell will embark on his headlining Win The Night Tour on May 16.  Dylan Scott will serve as the opening act on all dates, with Jon Langston, Lily Rose, Mackenzie Carpenter, Meghan Patrick and Restless Road taking turns serving as the opening act as well.

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