Cole Swindell Recalls ‘Nervous’ Proposal to Fiancée Courtney Little

Cole Swindell will soon marry his fiancée, Courtney Little. Swindell proposed to Little last year, while en route to the ACM Awards, at the same spot where his video for “Some Habits” was filmed, which became their first official date.

“That’s the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life, other than talking to her dad,” Swindell admits on The Bobby Bones Show.

Swindell asked Little’s father in person, at her childhood home. The proud dad fortunately said yes, although knowing the likely outcome did little to dissuade the singer’s nerves at the moment.



“It was fine,” Swindell says. “That was definitely more nerve-wracking than asking her to marry me. Just because I can’t imagine being a dad, and having a daughter. I don’t know that I would think anybody is good enough.”

Swindell tragically lost his father in 2013, followed by his mother in 2021, two painful losses that make him even more grateful for the relationship he has with Little’s family.

“He reminds me a lot of my dad,” Swindell shares. “He’s just a great guy. Her whole family. I think, losing both of your parents so young, to have a second chance to have a family like that. And I still have my brothers, and some uncles and aunts, but they are just — it just reminds me of my family. Getting to marry into a family like that, I just think it’s been a blessing.”

The Georgia native just released a new song, “Forever to Me,” written about his relationship with Little, whom he plans on marrying this year.

“The story behind ‘Forever to Me’ is pretty crazy,” Swindell tells iHeartCountry, speaking of the song he wrote with Greylan James and Rocky Block. “I had a show in Texas, before the National Championship, back in January … After the show, we were back on the bus, and it was getting pretty late. We were about to go to bed, and we were talking about me getting married this year. They were like, ‘We can’t believe that. That’s so awesome. We should write your wedding song.’ They were kind of joking.

“For some reason, they were asking me about Courtney. I said, ‘Man, she’s forever to me,'” he remembers. “I didn’t even really know what I was saying. They looked at each other, and they’re like, ‘Forever to Me.’ We have to write that.’”

The song quickly wrote itself, and is one Swindell says will be part of his upcoming nuptials with Little.

“As a songwriter, you want to write stuff that’s personal,” Swindell says. “But you also want to write stuff that other people can relate to. And to write a song about something I’ve never been in, until now — I didn’t know if I’d ever get to write a song like this. I just can’t wait for the fans and everybody to hear it, and to see how they relate to it, and who the song makes them think of. For this to be a love song, and for this to be my wedding song, I don’t know how it gets any bigger than that for me.”

A wedding date has yet to be announced. Find “Forever to Me” and all of Swindell’s music and tour dates at