Colin Stough Shares His Heart on New ‘Lookin’ For Home’ EP

A new album is coming from Colin Stough. The American Idol alum announces the release of his second EP, Lookin’ For Home, out on July 12. Stough wrote all six songs on the project, which follows his debut Promiseland EP, released last October, including his brand-new song, “Makes Two Of Us.”

“Each one of these songs is a piece of my heart, and they outline trials and tribulations that I’ve been through personally. They’ve made me into who I am today,” says Stough. “The EP title ‘Lookin’ For Home’ comes from that feeling that something is missing – that no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing, you feel like you don’t belong, and there’s something just over the horizon that would make it better.”

“Makes Two of Us,” which Stough wrote with Alex Maxwell and Cole Taylor, is a new twist on an often-told story of a relationship that ends.

“‘Makes Two of Us’ is about that after a breakup thing where you keep thinking about your ex,” Stough explains. “It’s those lonely moments when your brain kicks in and you start thinking about them, then you start debating on whether or not you should reach out just in case they’re thinking of you too.

“You find yourself wondering if they’re thinking of doing the same, even though you know that reaching out never gets you anywhere and is pretty much a horrible idea,” he adds.

Stough released “I Still Talk to Jesus” after his time on Idol, a song that hinted to fans the kind of music Stough wanted to make.

“I just honestly hadn’t had time while I was out there to sit down and actually write anything that was quality, or it wasn’t made for the show or anything like that,” Stough previously told Everything Nash, adding that he kept getting pitched songs that were too pop, and didn’t feel authentic to him.

“I was like, ‘Look, I’m not a pop country singer. I’m barely a country singer. I’m Southern rock,’” Stough remembers saying.

But as soon as the Louisiana native heard “I Still Talk to Jesus,’ written by Francisco Martin VI and Hank Compton, Stough knew he wanted to record the powerful song for himself.

“I kept listening to it, and by the second verse, I just cried my eyes out, and I said, ‘That’s a good song right there,’” Stough remembered. “I told [my manager], ‘I just don’t know if I can cut that. I don’t know if I can share it, ’cause Hank and Francisco did a good job on their songwriting abilities on that song. As a songwriter, I feel like you need to write songs that relate to everybody. And that one right there punched me right in my stomach.”

See a track list for Lookin’ For Home below. Fans who pre-order/pre-save the EP will receive “Sober” ahead of the record’s release. Stough has several performances coming up, including two at CMA Fest. Find all of Stough’s music and upcoming concerts, and pre-save Lookin’ For Home, at

Lookin’ For Home Track List:

1. “Boat Somewhere” (Colin Stough, Dawson Edwards, Jon Stark)
2. “Makes Two of Us” (Colin Stough, Alex Maxwell, Cole Taylor)
3. “Amen” (Colin Stough, Jacob Durrett, Jordan Dozzi)
4. “Sober” (Colin Stough, Mason Thornley, Sam Martinez)
5. “Outside Lookin’ In” (Colin Stough, Alex Maxwell, Chase Matthew, Trevor Snider)
6. “Lookin’ For Home” (Colin Stough, Lewis Brice, Rivers Rutherford)