Craig Campbell Releases Festive ‘Santa Baby’ With His 2 Daughters [LISTEN]

Craig Campbell is back with another holiday classic with his two daughters. The singer-songwriter, who released “Mary Did You Know” in 2022 with daughters Preslee and Kinni, just released “Santa Baby” with his daughters as well, to add to their holiday collection.

Preslee also handled the controls in recording Kinni’s vocals, with her proud father boasting about her budding new talents.

“It’s always so much fun getting my two girls in the studio,” Campbell says. “It was even more so watching Preslee run the controls and recording Kinni in her own bedroom! Their version of ‘Santa Baby’ will always be super special.”

Both of Campbell’s daughters also enjoyed getting into the holiday season with their version of “Santa Baby.”


“’Santa Baby’ is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever!” Preslee says. “I loved being able to record myself and my sister in my own studio on a song that we both love.”

“I am always a little nervous recording vocals but being in my sister’s bedroom and working with her made it super easy and fun!” she added.

2023 included a lot of new music for Campbell. The Georgia native released both The Lost Files: Exhibit A and The Lost Files: Exhibit B, both filled with songs

“It was a collection of ten years of songs that I’ve recorded,” Campbell recently told Everything Nash. “One day I realized they were all sitting on a hard drive. I just felt like that was unacceptable. These songs were too good to just not be heard, so we decided to package them up and put them out. So that’s how the Lost Files came about.”

Included on The Lost Files: Exhibit A is “Tractor Songs,” a song written by Walker Hayes, who personally pitched the song to Campbell.

“Sometimes you hear songs on the radio and say ‘Man! That’s a hit! I wish I could cut that before they did,’” Campbell said when “Tractor Songs” was released. “All I can say is I’m glad I cut this before anyone else! Shoutout to Walker for sending this song to me first.”

Campbell released a lot of music in 2023, but he hints he will have more in the new year as well, in spite of his busy schedule.

“That train never stops,” Campbell said. “I’m always recording. I’ve got some really cool songs coming out in 2024. We got one that’s actually going to be pretty polarizing. You’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it. I’m excited about that one. Trying to balance all that with daughters who are in volleyball and I’m a city councilman.”

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