Craig Campbell Announces Release Date for ‘The Lost Files: Exhibit B’

More music is coming from Craig Campbell, and a lot of it. The singer-songwriter will release The Lost Files: Exhibit B on August 25, 17 more songs, six months after The Lost Files: Exhibit A was released.

“As excited as I was to release Exhibit A, it is no comparison to how I’m feeling about Exhibit B,” Campbell says. “The Lost Files has been a work in progress for the last 10 years and I’m so pumped for y’all to hear the rest of these songs!”

As with The Lost Files: Exhibit A, Exhibit B is songs that Campbell recorded while with his two former record labels, both the now-closed Bigger Picture Music Group and Red Bow Records, a division of Broken Bow.

The Lost Files, it alludes to the fact that it’s been in the oven for about eight years,” Campbell explained on Huckabee. “These are songs that I’ve recorded over the past eight years that, in one way you could look at it that they were recorded, done, ready to go, but the record label’s at the time, for one reason or another, didn’t want to put these songs out. So they just have been living on hard drives. And now that I’m an independent artist, I just felt like these were songs that I loved. They need to be released and get a chance to live.”

The Lost Files: Exhibit A included “Tractor Songs,” written by Campbell’s good friend, Walker Hayes.

“Sometimes you hear songs on the radio and say ‘Man! That’s a hit! I wish I could cut that before they did,’” Campbell said at the time. “All I can say is I’m glad I cut this before anyone else! Shoutout to Walker for sending this song to me first.”

In addition to releasing new music, Campbell and his wife, Mindy, are also busy with their own Grindstone Cowboy, a coffee shop, restaurant and music venue in his hometown of Eagleville, located just outside of Nashville.

“It’s been a blessing,” Campbell told American Songwriter earlier this year. “It’s everything we dreamed it would be. To be honest, doing the music thing and touring and all that stuff, this place would not be what it is without Mindy, my wife, running it. My greatest fear opening this place and then me having the continued music and touring and all that and then her being ‘stuck’ with the coffee shop. But it’s not that at all, and she loves it. We’re blessed.”

“Summer Soundtrack,” Campbell’s first single from the record, will be out on August 11. The Lost Files: Exhibit B will be released on August 25. See a track listing for The Lost Files: Exhibit B below. Pre-save/pre-order of the record is available here. Find music and tour dates at

The Lost Files: Exhibit B Track Listing:

1. “What I Thank (When I Drank)”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Wyatt McCubbin

2. “Summer Soundtrack”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Phil O’Donnell/Wade Kirby

3. “You”

Writers: Mindy Campbell/AJ Kross/Mike Sprinkle

4. “Truck I Grew Up In”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Styles Haury/James Kelly/Phil O’Donnell

5. “Drinkin’ Whiskey”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Nate Kenyon/Blake Bollinger

6. “Come Back Baby”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Brad Warren/Brett Warren/Lance Miller

7. “Hangin’”

Writers: Ben Hayslip/Rhett Akins/Ross Copperman

8. “Lipstick On A Moonshine Jar”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Marv Green/Ben Hayslip

9. “Humans Being Human”

Writers: Craig Campbell/James McNair/Blake Bollinger

10. “We Did”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Styles Haury/James Kelly/Dave Turnbull

11. “Til I Got You”

Writers: Justin Wilson/Jamie Paulin/Brice Long

12. “Roll On”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Houston Phillips/Josh Dunn

13. “God Writes Good Stories”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Rodney Clawson

14. “Yours If You Want It”

Writers: Jonathan Singleton/Andrew Dorff

15. “That’s Just Life”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Blake Bollinger/Nate Kenyon

16. “All My Friends Drink Beer”

Writers: Craig Campbell/Taylor Phillips/Kenton Bryant

17. “It’s About Time” (Wariner Mix)

Writers: Michael White/Justin Wilson/Jamie Paulin