Dan + Shay Drop ‘Always Gonna Be’ From ‘Bigger Houses’ [WATCH]

Dan + Shay just released another song from their Bigger Houses album. “Always Gonna Be” is out now, a song Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney say is the first song they wrote together after their four-month separation in 2022.

“In March of 2022, we met to discuss the future of the band,” Dan + Shay wrote in a hand-written post shared on social media. “One of the most important things we talked about that night was our responsibility to our fans who had been with us through every high and low of the past 10 years. Whether we decided to call it quits, or dive headfirst into a new chapter, we felt that we owed it to our fans to make peace with the idea of Dan + Shay in our hearts. No matter the outcome, the music we created together would live on forever, and we wanted to be able to celebrate that rather than look back in vain.

“The moment that it all clicked and we knew we had to keep going was when we reflected on what our music has meant to people,” they continue. “When you’re running a million miles an hour, sometimes it’s hard to see in real time, but right then it had never been more clear. We specifically said things like, ‘Dan + Shay is always gonna be a tattoo on somebody’s arm,’ ‘Dan + Shay is always gonna be a first dance at somebody’s wedding.’ We left that night with a fresh perspective on our career, and a genuine closeness in our relationship.”

Dan + Shay decided that night that they would be much more intentional about being together, which started with a writing session the next day. The end result was “Always Gonna Be.”

“One of the goals we set was to spend more time together,  like we did early on, so we decided to write the next day,” Dan + Shay recall. “We sat down with an acoustic guitar, and out of the sky fell a song called ‘Always Gonna Be.’ It was the first song we wrote for the album, and will always be one of the most special.”

The new song comes as “Save Me The Trouble,” Dan + Shay’s debut single from Bigger Houses, is in the Top 30. The song was written by Dan + Shay, along with Ashley Gorley, Jordan Reynolds and Jordan Minton.

“‘Save Me The Trouble’ was the very last song that we wrote for this album,” Smyers tells Audacy. “That’s kind of how it always goes; you turn in the whole album, you think you’re done. All the pressure’s off and you get back in the writing room, when nobody’s looking over your shoulder, expecting anything, and this song poured out of us. The same thing happened with ‘Speechless,’ on our self-titled album.”

Bigger Houses will be out on September 25. Dan + Shay have already hinted that they have a major tour planned in 2024. Find music and upcoming shows, and pre-order Bigger Houses, at  DanandShay.com.