Darryl Worley Joined by Chris Janson, Justin Moore on ‘Tractor Time’ [LISTEN]

Darryl Worley has a fun new song, out now, joined on the track by two of his good friends. The talented singer just released “Tractor Time,” a collaboration with both Chris Janson and Justin Moore.

“I think it’s the perfect summer anthem,” Worley says. “I’m so grateful to have Justin Moore and Chris Janson on this tune with me. It’s a fun little number with a big fat groove and a contagious melody. Turn up the dial and get yourself a little dose of redneck therapy.”

Both Janson and Moore are grateful to join Worley on the fun new song, which Worley wrote with hit tunesmith Phil O’Donnell.

“I’ve always had a great respect for Darryl,” Janson says. “He’s a great guy and a great American. I’m very proud that he asked me to join him on ‘Tractor Time.’”

“I have always had a ton of respect for Darryl Worley,” adds Moore. “He’s a great writer, a great country singer and a great artist overall. Most importantly though, he’s a great human being. I’m honored to be on a song with him, as I’ve been a fan for a long time.”

Worley previously shared details of the song, which he decided to do on a whim, later adding Janson and Moore, after he shared it with the people at Big Machine Label Group.

“The night we rented the studio, we had to eat up some more time, so we cut three or four things that we thought were hits,” Worley told Everything Nash earlier this year. “And so we started getting this ‘Tractor Time’ song together and took it over to Allison [Jones] and those guys at the label. And they just loved it it. They took it to Scott Borchetta. He heard it and said yes.”

Even before the song was released, Worley predicted that “Tractor Time” would be one of the biggest hits of his career that has already spanned almost 25 years.

‘We feel like it’s going to be a hit,” Worley hinted. “It certainly has the potential. It’s real funky and fun. It’s just about getting on the tractor for therapy. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m excited. We haven’t had an opportunity like this in quite some time. We’re still out there working and I’m still singing.”

Worley’s 2024 wasn’t off to a great start. Mere days before he was scheduled to perform on the Country Music Cruise, his barn burned down in a devastating fire on his property.

“We’re tough people,’ Worley said after the tragic event. “We’ve been through a lot and there’s no quitting us, and God’s been good to us. It is the whole thing of, watching something that you love and cherish just burn up in front of you is a little traumatizing. But once you get past that part of it,  we’re committed to building it back as quick as we can …It’s just stuff, and we’ll be fine.”

Find “Tractor Time” and all of Worley’s music and upcoming shows at at DarrylWorley.com.

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