Dierks Bentley Seeks ‘A Deeper Connection’ With Fans In His Music

Dierks Bentley wants to keep it real in his music. His current single “Something Real,” written by Bentley along with Ross Copperman, HARDY, Ashley Gorley, and Luke Dick, was inspired by Bentley wanting to share more of himself with the rest of the world.

“I found when I put songs out that are really personal, there’s a deeper connection because we’re all the same,” Bentley tells Billboard. “We’re all going through the same struggles, and I feel like the song will connect in that way. It’s going to be a little slower rise to get there. I’ve had other songs that might have been quicker out of the gate, but I feel like this one will have a really important impact on people that listen to it and move them in a deeper way.”

“Something Real” comes on the heels of his 22nd No. 1 hit, with “Gold.” With “Something Real,” the father of three is continuing what he started with “Gold,” trying to connect with his audience, one person and one song at a time.

“We’re all looking for the raw emotions, the connection with the singer, the connection with fellow fans, and so that mode’s very real,” Bentley acknowledges. “But off the stage, that’s just not who I am. I’d rather be up on a mountain by myself, just alone. I really do appreciate being alone, or with my wife or my family, but just having real conversations and watching sunsets and sunrises and just looking for those moments that really make you feel like you’re connected to something deeper.”

During the pandemic, Bentley and his family relocated to Colorado, where he still likes to spend a lot of his time. The Arizona native might be a country music superstar, but he craves being where he can be most himself, without any celebrity status.

“I love living somewhere small, you know, with no stoplights,” Bentley says. “There’s so much accountability living in a small town because you see these people two, three times a day. You can’t be a jerk, you can’t not respond to a text message because you’re going to literally see them at the post office. You have to be responsive, you have to be kind; you have real conversations.”

Photo Credit: Dierks Bentley/Facebook


Bentley just wrapped up his  Gravel & Gold Tour, with Jordan Davis serving as his opening act for all dates. Bentley enjoyed not only being with his fans night after night, but getting to spend time with Davis, whom he now considers a close friend.

“The love was real y’all!,” Bentley said on social media, after the tour’s final date. “Between me and [Davis] and my band and his, made this THE most fun tour/summer ever. (say it every year but I really mean it this time haha). The second he walked on stage at our first show in Toronto, the whole energy of the tour shifted. He packs so much positivity and energy in his show, he couldn’t hide his love of performing if he wanted to.

“I’ll miss the pickleball, torturing him with sub 30-degree cold plunges, parking lot workouts, whiskey sipping and old school country, and the energy he brought to What Was I Thinkin’ every night,” he adds. “Dude loves Jesus, his family, friends and fans. Simple formula that makes him someone you just want to be around. Go check him out on his Damn Good Time Tour this Fall.”

Find all of Bentley’s music and upcoming shows at Dierks.com.