Garth Brooks Praises Scotty McCreery Ahead of Grand Ole Opry Induction

Garth Brooks is singing the praises of Scotty McCreery. The Country Music Hall of Fame member invited McCreery to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry in December, fulfilling a dream McCreery had held for decades, although Brooks says McCreery is more than worthy of the honor.

“If I thought I had any worry about him carrying the country music torch, I would’ve not been part of it,” Brooks, who flew in just to invite McCreery, told Music Mayhem. “This guy loves country music. He’s also a sweet kid. That’s what I love. And the truth is, you don’t know what you’re going to be in 20 years. None of us do. Scotty doesn’t know.

“I don’t know, but I can guarantee you this. He’s still going to be that same sweet kid because it’s in him, right?” he continued. “And that’s what the country music Opry is. I mean, that’s what the Opry is. It’s just good people. It’s a family, and that’s what you want when you go to Thanksgiving.”

Brooks also praised McCreery for remaining who he is, despite his success, which began when he won Season 10 of American Idol 13 years ago.

“Do you want a celebrity as your family member to come home that’s an a–hole, or do you want somebody that’s not a celebrity to come in? That’s a really nice person. Scotty McCreery is a really good guy,” Brooks praised. “He’s going to represent the Opry forever. Same way Ashley McBryde is going to do. Same way Chris Janson’s going to do all these guys that I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with, it’s an honor to get that call and say, ‘Hey, you want to come out and invite these people?’”

No word if Brooks will be present for McCreery’s Grand Ole Opry induction. In addition to his busy music career, which includes his The BIG 615 radio station, his Las Vegas residency and his music career, the Oklahoma native also just opened his own Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk with his wife, Trisha Yearwood.

“This one is a thank you,” Brooks told Everything Nash of the downtown Nashville venue. “This one has been a guilt trip for me forever. This city has been so good to me. And it’s like the musical Oz kind of thing. So if you’re one of the people that’s lucky enough to get to live the dream, don’t you owe this city? This is how we think about it. So it’s been piling up on you and piling up on you that you owe this city. Let’s give it something.”

McCreery will become an official Grand Ole Opry member when he is inducted on April 20 by Josh Turner.

“It has been my longtime goal to be worthy of Opry membership,” McCreery said when the induction date was announced. “I am overjoyed to join this prestigious family that is the heart of country music. To be invited by my hero Garth Brooks and to be inducted by another hero Josh Turner is beyond what I could have ever dreamed.”

Tickets for McCreery’s Grand Ole Opry induction can be found at His Rise and Fall album will be released on May 10. Find all of McCreery’s music and upcoming shows at

Friends in Low Places is located at 411 Broadway. More information can be found at