Garth Brooks to Release ‘Rodeo Man’ With Ronnie Dunn

Ronnie Dunn has a new duo partner, at least for one song. Garth Brooks announces the release of “Rodeo Man,” from his upcoming Time Traveler album, featuring the Brooks & Dunn singer. The song will hit radio on Monday, November 6, and be available digitally exclusively on Amazon.

The release of the song comes one day before Time Traveler will be available, exclusively at Bass Pro Shops all over the country.

“There are a lot of different eras on this album, thus the name,” Brooks said of the record. “Country music’s core is sincerity, after that, you can dress it up a thousand different ways. I am so lucky to live under the flag of country music.”

November is shaping up to be a busy month for Brooks. In addition to the release of new music, the 61-year-old is also planning the grand opening of his Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk, scheduled for Friday, November 24, the day after Thanksgiving. In true Brooks’ fashion, the opening will include a Dive Bar concert. The only way to attend is by winning tickets on The BIG 615 radio station on TuneIn.

“How do you open a Friends in Low Places bar???” Brooks said when the event was announced. “With a Garth concert! This is going to be off the chain. Black Friday, brand new bar, in the home of Country Music…Hollywood couldn’t write a better script. I can NOT wait!”

According to Brooks, the Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk, located at 411 Broadway, will include something for everyone, regardless of their tastes.

“The first floor is just, bring your helmet,” Brooks previously said on Inside Studio G. “It’s going to be crazy. The second floor gives you a little break from it, but it’s still right in your face. The third floor is just going to be Trisha Yearwood classic cool. That’s going to be where all the best food is. That’s going to be where everything is. But the fourth floor, The Oasis, up on top, that’s gonna be where the party’s at. This should be fun.”

While plenty of fans will be fortunate enough to attend the grand opening, there will still be more to come in 2024.

“I think it’s just the first two floors, because it’s still under construction. We might have hard hats,” Brooks revealed. “It should be pretty fun. It should be pretty cool. I can tell you what, I can’t wait for it, because I have seen the drawings of the stage and backstage. No honky-tonk has a backstage. This is so freaking cool. It’s gonna be such a joy to play on this stage.”

Time Traveler is part of Brooks’ seven-disc boxed set, The Limited Series, which also includes Man Against MachineGunslingerFun, and the three-disc Triple Live. All of Brooks’ music and upcoming shows, including his Las Vegas Garth Brooks/Plus ONE residency dates, can be found at