Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Open Up About Their Sweet Love Story

It’s always Valentine’s Day for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. The couple, who married in 2005, recently both opened up about the romantic holiday, and how they celebrate their love as a married couple every day, not just on February 14.

“Well, my Valentine is the love of my life, and I know how special this relationship is, and how lucky I am,” Yearwood shares. “My favorite thing about him is that he’s truly my best friend. I can talk to him about anything, and he knows everything about me, and loves me anyway!”

For Brooks, he continues to fall in love with Yearwood, over and over again, decades after they first met.

“I think this is something you ‘discover’ over time,” Brooks says. “There is the falling in love, dreams of what it would be like together…I get that. But after you get together, how do you feel when you are apart? THAT is what made me understand who my soulmate was and is. She is my cape and my Kryptonite. I can do anything when she is beside me and nothing when she’s not.”

While the couple will likely celebrate in some way on Valentine’s Day, Yearwood appreciates the way her husband shows he loves her every other day of the year as well.

“It’s not about the day. It’s the daily things…the little things that aren’t little at all,” Yearwood explains. “Someone thinking of you, not necessarily in the ‘big’ ways, but things like making your coffee in the morning. Picking up something at the grocery store that you know your partner likes (M&M’s??) Just knowing that special someone has your back. That’s what a valentine is to me.”

In spite of their superstar careers, both Brooks and Yearwood have chosen to prioritize their marriage over their own professional endeavors, even if those sacrifices come at a cost.

“We got married almost 18 years ago to be together, to not be apart,” Yearwood recently said (via WSMV). “So, whoever’s touring the other one is there, whether they’re on stage or not. So, we work together all the time.”

Brooks has been on global tours, and has a Las Vegas residency, but his first goal remains being available to support Yearwood with whatever she decides to do.

“Here’s a spoiler alert,” Brooks told CMT. “How about being married to someone who has more Grammys than you do? Then you say, ‘What is her future, and how do I be a mate to her and whatever she wants to do?’ She’s kind of in the same place in her life where she’ll be starting new chapters. I want her to, without pause or hesitation to go, ‘I want to do this.’ Then my job is to be her love and her support.”