Gretchen Wilson Returns With New Single, ‘Little Miss Runner Up’

Gretchen Wilson is back with new music. The Illinois native released “Little Miss Runner Up,” which she penned with hit songwriters Rivers Rutherford and George Teren. The song continues the trajectory of a career that began with her multi-week, debut No. 1 single, “Redneck Woman,” released in 2004.

“’Little Miss Runner Up’ follows the same girl we all know… and love to roll our eyes at! Can’t wait to see how this song looks in a country music video!” Wilson says.

Listen to “Little Miss Runner Up” here.

Wilson, whose last single, “Stacy,” was released in 2018, just performed twice at Nissan Stadium, as part of the recent CMA Fest. Wilson performed on the opening night with Ashley McBryde, who called Wilson “the baddest you-know-what in country music.” She returned to open the Friday night show the following night, performing “Redneck Woman,” “Here For The Party,” “Homewrecker” and more.

Wilson is also continuing to tour, including as part of a 20th anniversary celebration with Big & Rich.

“I’m not sure if it’s the smile on Kenny’s face, the fire in John’s eyes, or the red of my neck…but something tells me this year’s 20th anniversary is gonna be epic!” Wilson said of the tour.

Wilson recently reflected on the overwhelming success of “Redneck Woman,” and how the song catapulted her career

“It was that season where I think for a little while, country music, and especially the females in country music, had gotten a little bit on the softer side,” Wilson recalled on RFD-TV. “I think there was just a bunch of girls like me out there that were screaming, ‘That’s not my life. That’s not how I live. That’s not how I look. That’s not how I talk.’ They were just ready for something that spoke for them.”

Wilson wrote “Redneck Woman” with John Rich, unaware at the time that this one song would change everything for Wilson and her dreams of being in country music.

“I don’t think the day that John and I sat down to write that song, I don’t think that we had any idea what it could have turned into,” Wilson shared. “I think we were just trying to write a song that was as honestly me as we could write. Back in my hometown of course, I knew that there were a bunch like me. But I don’t think that either of us could have imagined how many of women all over the world were ready to proclaim their rednecked-ness.”

It was the fans who clamored for “Redneck Woman,” taking the song to the top of the charts only a few weeks after it was released, a feat that was almost unheard of at the time.

“It was scary for the label, I think,” Wilson said. “It was the fans that really, they were calling and saying, ‘If you don’t play this song, I’m not listening to your station anymore.’ It’s always been the fans. They gave me the opportunity; they opened the door for me, and they’ve kept me here, so it’s always been them.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of the CMA