Gwen Stefani Explains Blake Shelton’s Decision to Leave ‘The Voice’

Gwen Stefani is shedding some light on her husband, Blake Shelton‘s, decision to leave The Voice. The No Doubt singer says there wasn’t one specific instance that made him decide to leave the reality TV talent show, but rather a desire to have more time to pursue other things, without the time constraint The Voice requires.

“I think he just wants more time,” Stefani tells Extra. “I don’t know if people realize if he’s doing two seasons a year, [and] in between that he’s touring. So he actually has two teams at the same time at a certain point; they overlap. It’s a lot of brain power. It’s a lot of time away from the family. Those kinds of things, he just got to a point — he just wants time at his ranch time to do the other things he loves to do.”

While the decision was Shelton’s alone, Stefani says she is looking forward to more time with her husband.

“I’m so excited for him, because we have lives outside of work and it’s a really good life and it’s really fun,” Stefani gushes. “We have Oklahoma which is something I never knew I needed and wanted; we plant a garden… We are looking forward to doing some of that family stuff.”

Shelton and Stefani tied the knot in 2021. The two began dating in 2015, a relationship she says was ordained by God.

“God put us together. It was one of those miracle situations where I didn’t see it coming,” Stefani shared on The Drew Barrymore Show (via People). “I was like, ‘I’m gonna wake up every day, I’m gonna have a coffee, I’m gonna take care of my kids and then I’m gonna go to bed. I’m never gonna kiss anyone.’ I thought my life was over and then Blake Shelton’s like, ‘Hey. I’m Blake Shelton.’”

Shelton surprised fans by announcing in October that he made the decision to leave The Voice after Season 23 next year. Shelton has been with the show since its beginning in 2011.

“I’ve been wrestling with this for a while and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step away from The Voice after next season,” the singer shared. “This show has changed my life in every way for the better and it will always feel like home to me. It’s been a hell of a ride over these 12 years of chair turns and I want to thank everyone at The Voice from NBC, every producer, the writers, musicians, crew and catering people, you are the best. It takes a lot of work, passion, and adult beverages (Ha!) to pull off a live show twice a week.

“I’ve made lifelong bonds with Carson [Daly] and every single one [of] my fellow coaches over the years, including my wife Gwen Stefani!” he continued. “I have to give a huge shoutout to the singers – the ‘Voices,’ who come on this stage season after season and amaze us with their talent and a special thanks to those who chose me to be their coach.”

Kelly Clarkson,  Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan will join Shelton for his final season next year. Although Stefani won’t be part of it, she does say she would be open to continuing on The Voice without Shelton.

“Every season I have been on the show, it has been a last minute… Yes, ask me back,” she says, “I will come back, it would be really weird without Blake.”

Stefani is currently serving as a coach on The Voice, along with John Legend and Camila Cabello. The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM ET on NBC.

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