Home Free Shares Details of New ‘Crazy(er) Life’ Album [EXCLUSIVE]

Home Free, who will embark on their Crazy(er) Life Tour in March, has a new album coming out this year. The next set of tunes, like their recent AS SEEN ON TV record, is another celebration of the whirlwind of the past decade for the all-vocal group.

“As the name of the tour suggests, that goes hand-in-hand with an album, also called Crazy(er) Life,” Tim Foust reveals to Everything Nash. “Turns out, it’s another ten-year retrospective. We decided to do all-new recordings of all of the songs that we released on our first album after The Sing-Off.”

“We figured if Taylor Swift is doing it, then we ought to do it too,” Austin Brown adds with a laugh.

When announcing their Crazy(er) Life Tour, Home Free also revealed they were cutting back on touring, a decision that Foust says is a result of their time at home during the pandemic.

“Honestly, it was sort of a by-product of the forced time at home during COVID,” Foust explains. “We’ve never been home that long, so we didn’t know what that was like. And after we got over the shock of it, we realized we kind of liked being at home, actually. And our families actually like us at home, too. So far. We’ll see. Maybe by 2026 we’ll be touring more again.”

They might have less dates on the calendar, but for Home Free, their favorite part of being a musical act is their time on stage.

“The shows are the best part of this whole thing, sitting there in front of the crowd, just getting people going wild,” Brown says. “It’s, knock on wood, what happens most of the time.”

Each of the Home Free members, in addition to their work together, also work on their own projects and individual endeavors, something they say only makes them stronger together.

“We’re Home Free,” says Adam Chance. “There’s always new music coming, all the time.”

“We all have side projects to some degree … We figure the more the merrier,” Foust continues. “It’s not a competition. It’s just collaborative. If somebody writes a song and releases a song individually that’s great. it’s like, why not do the Home Free version as well?”

Home Free just came back from the 2024 Country Music Cruise, and are all already eager to return for the 2025 Country Music Cruise as well, part of an all-star lineup that includes Neal McCoy, John Michael MontgomeryDeana CarterThe Bellamy BrothersDiamond RioThe IsaacsJamie O’Neal and others.

Find all of Home Free’s music and upcoming shows at HomeFreeMusic.com.

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