Jelly Roll Reveals Weight Loss: ‘I’m Starting to Find a Will to Live’

Jelly Roll is keeping good on his vow to lose weight. The reigning CMA New Artist of the Year,  has already lost 45 to 50 pounds, the beginning of his new, healthier lease on life.

“I’ve been working out,” Jelly Roll tells Fox News Digital. “I’ve been losing weight, slowly but surely.”

Jelly Roll isn’t following a specific plan or regiment, but he is making overall healthier choices. His inspiration is not only his own life, but to be around for his fans.

“I’m drinking less than I’ve ever drank, and I feel incredible,” Jelly Roll reveals. “I’m drinking water like a fish. I’m getting it right out here. I want to touch people as long as I can.”

The 39-year-old has been vocal about his own mental health struggles when he was younger, which led him to a life of crime. It’s his commitment to conquer those demons — this time for good — that is making him determined to shed the excess weight.

“Weight is normally directly related to mental health, so I’m trying to get that under control and the rest is following that,” Jelly Roll explains.

Jelly Roll doesn’t have a specific number of pounds he wants to lose, or any physical fitness benchmarks he wants to reach. Instead, the singer-songwriter just wants to be the best version of himself, for years and years to come.

“I don’t even have a goal when it comes to health,” Jelly Roll says. “I just want to keep doing the right thing and feeling better. I’m starting to find a will to live and I wanna lean into that, that’s it. I just want to be happier.”

Jelly Roll, who still deals with the implications of a felony on his criminal record, is no longer angry or bitter, or even regretful, about his troubled years, which also included battling addiction.

“I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for what I went through,” Jelly Roll acknowledges. “I think it empowered me. I think it gave me my voice. It taught me a lot about overcoming. It taught me a lot about changing and the ability to change.”

Now, Jelly Roll is determined to use his story, the highs and the lows, to be an inspiration and service to others. He frequently performs in prisons and juvenile detention centers, and has made it his mission to give back to those who find themselves part of the criminal justice system.

“I was a horrible human for decades,” Jelly Roll reflects. “And to just be able to turn that around and give a message in the music and help people… and just try to give back as much as I can in every way I can is very indicative of where I came from and how important it is to me to always reach back.”

Jelly Roll’s career is at an all-time high, which includes receiving his first two Grammy Awards nominations, both in the all-genre Best New Artist category, plus for Best Country Duo/Group Performance, for his “Save Me” performance with Lainey Wilson, For Jelly Roll, his goal for success has as much to do with how he can help and empower others as his own success.

“The more that this thing grows and the more people that we help and the more that I start to deal with my past and the things that have affected me and my own mental health struggles, the more that I have a will to live,” he says.

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