Jessie James Decker Learns to Deal with Social Media Trolls [EXCLUSIVE]

Jessie James Decker has learned, albeit perhaps the hard way, not to let social media trolls influence her life. The singer and successful businesswoman has more than five million social media followers across the various platforms, which means inevitably someone uses their voice to say something unkind. While those comments might have bothered Decker in the past, she can now shrug them off with ease.

“I think that years ago it used to bother me a little bit,” Decker tells Everything Nash. “I’m human and of course things will hurt your feelings from time to time. But I think with age and just being in this business for long enough, it just doesn’t bother me anymore, the way that it used to. People have been a lot meaner this past year, but I just think people are in bad mood in general. This year has sucked. It’s made them angrier, and they just are trying to get attention somewhere.”

Now more than ever, the mother of three is willing to give grace to others, even when it isn’t necessarily deserved.

“I don’t know what the reasoning is, but people have been a little meaner and I see that,” Decker shares. “But I think I’m able to sit here and be like, ‘It’s been a tough year. They’re just probably mad at the world. It’s not me.’ That’s the only way I can look at it. And I know my life, I know my home. I know our family and I’m happy. I can’t control how others feel.”

Decker has not only gotten better at ignoring negativity, but she is also getting better at setting reasonable expectations for herself as well.

“I used to look ahead so much,” the 32-year-old admits. “That’s something else I feel like with age, I’ve gotten better at. When I was younger. I’d always worry about what’s next. What’s next? What’s next? What’s tomorrow? I truthfully just take it day by day. I have to, for my sanity. And so I don’t know what’s going to happen six months from now, or three months from now. I just keep working. I always have goals. and I hope that I work towards them. I want my kids to always be as happy as they are and my marriage to be as healthy as it is. And that’s all I could ever hope for.”