Jon Bon Jovi On Opening JBJ’s Nashville: ‘These Are My People’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Jon Bon Jovi officially has his own place in Music City. The rock and roll superstar just opened JBJ’s Nashville, a bar, restaurant and music venue that for Bon Jovi, in many ways feels like coming home.

“I’ve been coming here for some 35, 37 years now,” Bon Jovi tells Everything Nash. “We’ve done several albums here. Some of our biggest hits were recorded here, when Music Row was just small studios, back in those days. So the kinship with the people here is deep. I jokingly say, ‘These are my people.’ You go to Hollywood and an acting community. You come to Nashville because every kid on every street corner is a great writer or a great player.

“And so I was drawn here many, many years ago,” he adds, “and then this opportunity came up and we jumped at it.”

JBJ’s Nashville isn’t the only thing the New Jersey native is celebrating. Bon Jovi’s namesake band also just released Forever, their 16th studio album, released 40 years after their eponymous debut.

“It evolved,” Bon Jovi says of their iconic sound. “The last thing we want to do is re-record Slippery When Wet, and you’re writing a record at 62 that you wrote when you’re 25. So you evolve and your audience chooses to come with you on this journey. And that’s sort of the key to success and staying relevant 40 years on, is folks are with you on your journey.”

When announcing JBJ’s Nashville, Bon Jovi said the new venue, opened in partnership with Big Plan Holdings, was the perfect fit for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members.

“We’re looking forward to having a place in Nashville that we call home,” Bon Jovi said at the time. “When Big Plan Holdings and the team of Josh and Tara Joseph asked us if we were interested, it wasn’t because we were just another rock band, it was because we are a band with deep roots in Nashville.

“We have had wonderful times in Nashville recording several albums and working with some of the finest people in all the music business,” he continued. “I can’t wait to toast all of Broadway and get to know our neighbors!”

JBJ’s Nashville is located at 405 Broadway. The new space, open now, is the tallest and second largest bar in downtown Nashville, with just under 37,000 square feet, including two rooftops, a three-tiered stage, and a carefully-crafted menu, with cocktails like “Tommy,” “Gina,” Steel Horse” and “Shot Thru The Heart,” all a nod to Bon Jovi’s numerous hits.

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