Cole Swindell to Marry Courtney Little This Week

Cole Swindell will soon be a married man. The Georgia native shared a telling post on social media, revealing that his marriage to his fiancée, Courtney Little, would happen at some point this week.

“My last single Saturday night…” Swindell wrote.


We don’t know much about his wedding, but we do know his current single, “Forever To Me,” will be part of the ceremony. Swindell wrote the song with Greylan James and Rocky Block.

“The story behind ‘Forever to Me’ is pretty crazy,” Swindell told iHeartCountry. “I had a show in Texas, before the National Championship, back in January … After the show, we were back on the bus, and it was getting pretty late. We were about to go to bed, and we were talking about me getting married this year. They were like, ‘We can’t believe that. That’s so awesome. We should write your wedding song.’ They were kind of joking.

“For some reason, they were asking me about Courtney. I said, ‘Man, she’s forever to me,’” he remembers. “I didn’t even really know what I was saying. They looked at each other, and they’re like, ‘Forever to Me.’ We have to write that.’”

Although Swindell’s co-writers suggested he save the song to surprise Little with on her wedding day, the 40-year-old couldn’t wait to share the romantic song, which he says is one of his favorites that he has ever written.

“I get too excited when I’m writing something,” Swindell told Everything Nash and other outlets at a recent media event. “I kind of had already told her. I’m like, ‘You’re going to lose your mind.”

Fortunately, as soon as Little heard it, she fell in love with it, quickly playing it for everyone around her.

“Obviously, she loved it,” Swindell revealed. “Her sister played it for her family, and everybody obviously loved it. I loved her reaction to it. But it just felt like, at this stage, I’ve written a few love songs and gotten a lot sent to me as well. And we’ve listened to a lot. But I could just tell this one — my reaction, her reaction. It just seemed like this was the one for sure,”

Swindell unfortunately lost his father in 2013, followed by his mother in 2021, which makes him even more grateful to be welcomed into LIttle’s family, and especially for the already-close relationship he has with Little’s father.

“He reminds me a lot of my dad,” Swindell said on The Bobby Bones Show. “He’s just a great guy. Her whole family. I think, losing both of your parents so young, to have a second chance to have a family like that. And I still have my brothers, and some uncles and aunts, but they are just — it just reminds me of my family. Getting to marry into a family like that, I just think it’s been a blessing.”

“Forever To Me” is part of a brand-new album that Swindell is working on currently, along with headlining his own Win the NIght Tour. Find “Forever To Me” and all of Swindell’s music and upcoming shows at