Kelly Clarkson Shares Snippet of Jake Hoot Duet, ‘I Would’ve Loved You’

Jake Hoot‘s long-awaited debut EP, Love Out of Time, will be out on January 27. Included on the five-track record is “I Would’ve Loved You,” a duet with Kelly Clarkson, his coach on The Voice. Clarkson just shared a snippet of the powerful song on social media, ahead of the record’s release.

“Here’s another sneak peek at my new collaboration with [Jake Hoot] before the song’s out on January 27th,” Clarkson tweeted.

Hoot previously told Everything Nash that Clarkson was quick to agree to sing on the song with him — once she finally heard it. After sending it to her the first time, the song never made it to Clarkson. But when Hoot reached out to her again, she quickly agreed to join him on “I Would’ve Loved You.”

“She called me back immediately and she said, ‘I want to shout this from the rooftops. Yes, I’m in,” Hoot recounted. “Like, let’s get this done. And so trying to coordinate her incredibly busy schedule with mine, recording everything and then also a wedding coming up and then having to fly to LA to record, or having to send stuff out there, it just all worked perfectly.”

Hoot knew as soon as the song was finished that “I Would’ve Loved You” was something special.

““I Would’ve Loved You’ is a song about the choices we make and the consequences that follow,” Hoot explained. “It is a story about someone who has so much love to give, but due to the other person’s decisions, that love turns into a hate that lasts forever. I am so honored to have written this song with Jamie Floyd and Dean Sams, who are both incredible writers. I am beyond thankful to Kelly Clarkson for believing in me and recording this song with me!”

Love Out of Time is available for pre-order at