Kelsea Ballerini Accidentally Ate Glass in Front of Miranda Lambert

Kelsea Ballerini recently had an embarrassing — and painful — moment, and it happened in front of one of her biggest musical idols, Miranda Lambert. In a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Ballerini shared the now-humorous moment, although she admits she was mortified at the time.

“I embarrass myself a lot,” Ballerini admitted. “I went to the CMAs. They had them in-person, and we were able to really do it safely, get everyone tested and be in the same room together. Afterwards, I don’t know Miranda Lambert very well. She’s somebody that I randomly have not crossed paths with in the country music community yet,  so I still get really nervous around her, because I just want to be her friend. I was talking to her manager, and her manager had — you know those really expensive wine glasses that are like paper thin, like you’re scared to hold them because you think they’re going to shatter in your hands?”

Unfortunately, while Ballerini was standing there talking to Lambert’s manager and Lambert, Ballerini’s biggest fear came true.

“I’m drinking it and shatters,” Ballerini recalled. “It hit my tooth, and it shattered in my mouth. In my mouth. Cut my lip, and I had to spit out the bloody glass and run to the bathroom in front of her, and I think everyone was like, ‘Did she just eat glass? Like, is that a thing that she does?’ I didn’t really know anyone in the room. So then I had to go to the bathroom, make my lip stop bleeding, and I was like, ‘Well I can’t leave now, because I need people to not think that I’m weird. I care way too much about what people think of me.”

Ballerini struggled, like many artists, in 2020. Her highly-anticipated album, Kelsea, came out at the start of the pandemic, which also put a sudden end to her massive tour plans. Still, for all of the year’s struggles, she did find one silver lining: time with her husband, fellow artist Morgan Evans.

“Investing in my marriage!” Ballerini told Rolling Stone, when asked about anything positive that resulted from being forced off the road. “Morgan is a touring artist as well, so we had built our whole relationship without a lot of time physically together. It really has been a silver lining in my personal life. We also bought our first house, which has been really nice to decorate and nest over the holidays. Feels very normal … in a good way.”