John Rich on Election of President Biden: ‘The Lord Is in Control’ [EXCLUSIVE]

John Rich was outspoken in his support of President Trump, even betting Nashville journalist Adam Gold $10,000 that the former President would ultimately return for another term, and the results of the election would be overturned. Although Rich lost the bet, with the money going to Folds of Honor, he admits that while he might be disappointed in the outcome, he is is still clinging to his faith, maybe now more than ever before.

“You have to remember that the Lord is in control of this,” Rich tells Everything Nash. “I think it’s easy to say that when things are going the way you want them to go. You go, ‘Well God’s will be done,’ right? Because everything’s going pretty well. It’s an easy thing to say. What about when things are going absolutely opposite of how you would like to see them go? Is He still in control? Well, the answer is yes.

“And if you go back and read the stories in the Bible, and there’s all kinds of people that came to power, there’s all kinds of things that happened on this planet that were really tough,” he adds. “Tribulation-level things that happened, but He was still in control. And if you read the whole story to the end, it winds back up in a spot with Him. That’s how this thing winds up.”

Rich also says much of the unrest and uneasiness in people isn’t just because of politics, but alos because of people being forced to self-isolate because of the pandemic.

“I’ve caught myself feeling certain ways where I went, ‘Man, I’ve never felt like that before. Why do I feel like this right now?’ And it’s because you’re isolated,” Rich maintains. “Everything that you normally do is cut off and all the people you normally do it with are cut off from you. And that’s not how we’re meant to be. We’re meant to  be interactive with each other. So just remember at the end of the day, He’s still got it.

“You know that song we learned in Vacation Bible School, ‘He’s got the whole world, in His Hands, He’s got the whole wide world?'” he continues. “Well He does. He does have the whole wide world in His hands. And even though things are happening that we don’t like, and we don’t understand, and we don’t want to see happen, that doesn’t change the simple fact that He’s still in control.”

Rich hasn’t been afraid to speak about his opinions, or his faith, on social media, an openness he credits largely to his humble upbringing.

“I grew up in a trailer park in Texas and I have a high school diploma,” Rich says. “I’m nothing fancy, and that’s how my brain still works. That’s how I think. That’s who I am. And I feel like, if I’m feeling a certain way really strongly about something I’m seeing going on, there’s a real good chance that tens of millions of people probably feel the same as I do, but they just don’t have a way to put it into words. So I’ll think about those feelings, sometimes those thoughts, those subjects. And if I’m right in the moment of that feeling, I’ve got this little platform on social media and I’ll just pop something out there as encouragement or as, ‘Hey, we’re all thinking the same way.'”