Luke Bryan Hints At Massive New Album With a Focus On His Fans

Luke Bryan will soon have a new album ready to share with the world. The 46-year-old already has a lot of the songs for his next set of tunes ready to go, which he hints might be a really big project.

“We’ve got several things recorded. I’d say we got around ten songs recorded, probably going to record six, seven, eight more songs just to be able to put out a full-length LP,” Bryan tells Audacy‘s Katie & Company. “As I find the songs, as I write songs that I really love, we’ll go in the studio and record them and just keep adding layer upon layer to the album, and just try to put out hit songs and try to put out songs that I feel like will really speak to my fans.”

Bryan’s new record will include his current single “But I Got A Beer In My Hand,” which is already in the Top 20.

“I feel like ‘But I Got A Beer In My Hand’ is something that’s really, really a fun song for the summer,” Bryan says. “I think people can just sit back and listen to it when they’re at a concert, hold a beer up, have fun, dance. I know I had a big song with ‘Drink a Beer,’ but maybe this will be my second beer song that does pretty well. I think you can sing about beer a lot in country music. It seems to work pretty well.”

“I’m in the business of trying to find big, fun hit songs, and it just felt like a big, fun hit to me that I knew my fans would really, really enjoy,” he continues. “So I just said, ‘Heck with it, let’s put it out.’ I’m all about now until the twilight of my career, just having a blast when I’m on stage, playing songs that make people have fun, and certainly ‘But I Got A Beer’ will do that, I feel like.”

The Georgia native learned early on in his career that fans wanted a steady stream of music, something he works hard to deliver.

“Fans want new music constantly,” Bryan says. “I think that’s why my Spring Break albums were kind of a success, way back when, because they were just new music coming out. I was putting music out twice a year, and I think when you look at how music is consumed these days, I think fans want to hear their favorite artist put out a lot of music.”

Bryan and Peyton Manning will again co-host the 2023 CMA Awards later this year, for the second year in a row.

“It’s always a huge honor to be a part of this show, to be in the building,” Bryan said ahead of last year’s ceremony. “And obviously, hosting last year was really, really special for me. When you look at me growing up as a kid, worshipping country music, and dreaming of being a part of country music, hosting the CMAs is a pretty big deal for me.”

Bryan is currently on his  Country On Tour, and will also embark on his Farm Tour in September. Find “But I Got A Beer In My Hand” and all of Bryan’s music and upcoming shows at