Morgan Wallen Reveals He Has Been Performing Sober

Morgan Wallen might be turning a new leaf. The Tennessee native reveals he has cut way back on his drinking, determined to be his best version of himself for his fans.

“I think we played probably 75 shows, something like that this year, and I did them all mostly in a sober state of mind,” Wallen tells Extra. “I was really, really focused. I kind of treated it like an athlete would a season, and I think that was really key to me. I feel like I really thrived in that, so I think that’s really stood out to me.”

Wallen has another reason to work on himself: his two-year-old son, Indigo. While Wallen knows Indigo’s childhood will be much different than his was — thanks to Wallen’s superstar status — the 29-year-old is determined to raise his son with the same values and morals that his parents instilled in him.

“I’m just trying to teach him just to be grateful for the things that really matter,  because he’ll grow up in a way that I didn’t, just because of me and who I am,” Wallen reflects. “I didn’t really have a whole lot growing up, so I got to learn the importance of values, and I just hope I can really instill in him the same that my parents did.”

Wallen revealed on social media last month that he was working on a new album, now that his The Dangerous Tour had concluded. The new record will include his latest No. 1 hit, “You Proof,” as well as his current single, “Thought You Should Know.” Wallen wrote the new track with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon, and first shared it on social media last year. The song, with lyrics that include “I thought you should know / That all those prayers you thought you wasted on me / Must’ve finally made their way on through,” was written as a letter to his mom, Lesli.

Wallen hinted earlier this year that he was looking at a stadium tour in 2023, along with a new set of tunes.

“I’ve already got 12 songs finished, maybe more,” Wallen revealed on Country Countdown USA. “I’m just trying to beat what I’ve got. I’m confident in whatever I do next already. Overall I feel pretty comfortable. I don’t feel rushed. I’ve got other things, I’ve got the tour, I’ve got my son, so I’m glad that I’ve already spent some time on the next project.”

It was Indigo who gave Wallen the courage to move forward, after video surfaced of him uttering a racial slur while inebriated. Wallen admits he was tempted to give up, but it was looking at Indigo that changed his perspective.

“I think mostly I can attribute it to being a dad,” Wallen told Entertainment Tonight, when asked what helped him through the tough times. “Just seeing that I have another life that I’m responsible for, kind of put things in perspective for me.”

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Photo Credit: Jamie Schramm\CMA